15 Paleo egg-Free breakfast ideas

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Many of you know that my new book, Practical Paleo, contains a 30-Day Meal Plan to support Autoimmune Conditions. The meal plan excludes a lot of commonly gut/immune-system irritating foods: grains, legumes, dairy, nuts, seeds, nightshades… and eggs!

For most folks, the plan is tough enough when it comes to avoiding nightshades – they are seemingly in everything… especially spice blends! But the more upsetting notion of giving up eggs – and you wouldn’t believe how many people are sensitive to eggs, not just those with autoimmunity – is just heart breaking.

Well, I’m here today to tell you that there is hope – and life beyond eggs for breakfast.

While I can’t possibly fit every recipe here in this post, I wanted to show you a lot of examples of egg-free, gluten-free, grain-free, and so on… paleo-friendly breakfasts. You can make these on your own using recipes you have or find, or you can grab a copy of Practical Paleo to find a very clearly laid out Paleo Autoimmune Protocol meal plan that includes a lot more than just meals.

Each 30-Day Meal Plan in Practical Paleo contains the following sections:

  • an overview of the condition(s) or goal for which the plan has been created.
  • diet and lifestyle recommendations in an add [+] / avoid [-] list format
  • nutritional supplements and herbs to consider – these are not prescriptive but guidelines and information to begin your own research and create a plan for yourself
  • supportive nutrients and foods that contain them – nutrients your body especially needs for your condition or goals, and where to find them in foods (food is awesome like that)
  • 30 days of meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner or meal 1, meal 2, meal 3) based primarily upon recipes in the book, with some basics thrown in and adequate use of leftovers so you don’t need to cook every meal of every day – you’re welcome

So, without any more introduction, here’s a list of 15 Paleo Egg-Free Breakfast Ideas (safe for those following a Paleo Autoimmune Protocol):

  1. Mustard glazed chicken thighs*, baked sweet potato or green vegetable, raw sauerkraut*
  2. Italian Sausage Patties* (home made from ground pork or other meat plus spice blend), Swiss Chard, Avocado, raw sauerkraut*
  3. Ground beef with curry spice and cinnamon, butternut squash
  4. Bacon wrapped chicken thighs* make the recipe linked without red pepper spices, plantains in coconut oil or steamed spinach
  5. Ground lamb with Moroccan spices and baked sweet potato, sweet potato hash or greens, raw sauerkraut*
  6. Wild canned salmon with chopped avocado, olives, and lemon juice
  7. Ground beef cooked with chopped bacon (cook with with sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and cinnamon) and spaghetti squash
  8. Baked acorn squash with coconut butter and cinnamon*, bacon or breakfast sausage
  9. Lemon rosemary broiled salmon* with baked asparagus or steamed spinach
  10. Baked chicken thighs with curry powder and cinnamon spice, green apple, Swiss chard, raw sauerkraut*
  11. Greek style lamb meatballs with Mashed Faux-Tatoes* (cauliflower puree) or steamed cauliflower
  12. Smoked salmon nori (seaweed) hand roll* – with avocado, cucumber, and chives or green onions
  13. Sweet potato hash with ground pork or beef, onions, garlic, rosemary, raw sauerkraut*
  14. Baked chicken (with rosemary, sea salt, and black pepper) with Garlic & Dill Vegetables, raw sauerkraut*
  15. Turkey and bacon club salad

* items with an asterisk have recipes within Practical Paleo, or simply use the idea to inspire your own creative new recipe!

Note: These 15 paleo egg-free breakfast ideas are also grain-free, nut-free, seed-free, nightshade-free, dairy-free and sugar-free!

What are some of your own favorite Egg-free Paleo Breakfast Ideas?


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