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Podcast Episode #60: Omega 6 fats, quitting caffeine, hypoglycemia, sardines & more

Posted By Diane Sanfilippo On November 1, 2012 @ 9:05 AM In Podcast Episodes | 5 Comments

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Episode #60: Omega 6 fats, quitting caffeine, hypoglycemia, sardines


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1. Omega 6 in sunflower butter [9:47]
2. Help me to love sardines! [19:26]
3. Hypoglycemia & food changes [23:05]
4. How/when to eat fermented foods – and do I REALLY need FCLO? [32:03]
5. Cold Turkey Headaches & quitting coffee: strategies and side effects? [43:30]
6. Eating intuitively and intermittent fasting [54:51]

Show notes:

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1. Omega 6 in sunflower butter.

Ari says,
I was surprised to hear Liz endorse sunflower seed butter on the most recent podcast. According the USDA food database, it has 1.56g/Tbsp. of O-6 fats. Following Chris Kresser’s guidelines of getting a max. of 4% of calories from O6 fats, just 3T of sunflower seed butter gives you half of that allowance. I don’t know what your stance is on the issue of eating O6 fats, so would you please address this in a future podcast?

2.  Help me to love sardines!

Christina says,
I just can’t like ‘em.

Sardines. My heart wants to love them but I just can’t. My husband (who is not even close to Paleo) eats them a couple of times a month and each time he does, I ask him for a few bites in hopes that I would eventually develop a taste for them. I have had them in Olive Oil, Hot Sauce, and some kind of strange Mustard but No bueno.

Any tips on possible pairings or ideas on how to get them down without making my husband laugh at my facial expressions?

3. Hypoglycemia on Paleo

Tinna says,
I’m on day 3 of eating paleo and for the past two days, I’ve experienced hypoglycemia symptoms twice each day (shaky, light-headed, sweats). I ate a couple of medjool dates to help me feel better. Also for what it’s worth, I am jet lagged from an overseas vacation. I’m a “self-diagnosed” hypoglycemic. I used to eat 300ish calorie meals 5x a day before starting Paleo. Now I am eating 3 hearty meals a day. Are the hypoglycemic symptoms normal due to a transition period into the paleo lifestyle? What can I do to prevent the symptoms or help them without the sugar in the medjool dates?

4. How/when to eat fermented foods – and do I REALLY need FCLO?

Amy says,
Hi Ladies! First, let me add myself to the list of people who heap praise and thanks at your feet. You offer so much wonderful information and make this stuff entirely accessible and less intimidating to so many people. Now, on to my questions. I have two of them, both related to “superfoods.”

1. What is the best way to eat homemade fermented vegetables? I’ve been making my own sauerkraut, kimchi, beets, etc., for a while now and LOVE them. I’ve heard conflicting information on whether it’s best to eat these alone/on an empty stomach vs with a meal. Obviously, traditional food cultures eat them with meals (Koreans eat kimchi with *everything,* Europeans eating kraut or other fermented/pickled veg with things like charcuterie to “cut the richness” of the fat, etc. Not that I think anyone needs to cut the richness of the fat!) Both ways are probably fine, but I’m just wondering if there’s a preferred way. (I’m asking specifically in regard to helping constipation. Don’t know if eating ferments with meals is better for helping digestion of that specific meal, and maybe eating them separately is better for overall re-population of gut flora…)

2. I was taking Green Pasture’s FCLO/BO a while back and really liked it. (Seemed to do good things for my mood/outlook. I tend to be a gloomy gus but I definitely noticed a big improvement in that.) The thing is, it is quite the pricey item and while I know it’s worth the $$, I find it hard to justify the expense. Do you think I would get a similar benefit from taking regular CLO along with a “hit” of good, pastured butter? I’m thinking the CLO would cover vitamins A&D and the butter would give me the K2. (Obviously making *certain* the butter is from grass-fed cows is key, since that’s where the K2 comes from. The butter oil is more concentrated, of course, but I have to think straight butter would still have some benefit.) I realize I might not get as much bang for the buck from this, but it’s difficult to justify upwards of $50 for one bottle of the “real deal,” plus about $10 shipping.

Thanks so much! Diane, congratulations on the success of your tour-de-force…um, I mean book! It is not only a work of art but a GREAT source of easily understandable info across such a wide range of conditions. Be proud of yourself — what a fantastic accomplishment. (And I’m sure I’ll be saying this to Liz next year when her book comes out!)

5. Cold Turkey Headaches, Help! Caffeine withdrawal.

Christie says,
Hi. Love your book, and your podcast!! You really inspire me to be a nutrient seeker, and focus on health rather than aesthetics. Thank you! I have a quick question about how to mitigate withdrawal symptoms after cutting back on caffeine and sugar. My husband (who eats paleo at home, but whatever he likes at work) has a dependency on coffee-flavoured milk for breakfast. He has a bottle every day, and if he doesn’t he gets headaches. However, he has the next 3 weeks off work, and has agreed to try eating a more nutritious breakfast if I cook for him (despite claiming he finds food offputting first thing in the morning). I’m really excited to try to help him move towards healthier habits, but I’m worried that if he goes cold turkey on the coffee milk he will get bad headaches, and either give up or self-medicate (with Coke, probably). I was wondering if you had any ideas on how I might be able to wean him off the stuff slowly enough that he won’t suffer too much. Should I allow him to continue drinking the milk but slowly reduce the amount? Or could I try to provide caffeine in a more paleo-friendly manner (paleo cookies made with cocoa, perhaps)? Are there any supplements that would help? I should also have mentioned that he has an odd distaste for hot drinks, so regular coffee with heavy cream is not an option…Thanks so much for listening! Cheers, Christie

6. Eating intuitively  and intermittent fasting.

Lauren says,

Hey Liz and Diane!
So I’m having this MAJOR dilemma with meal timing vs. intuitive eating while working an 8 hour day. I feel like intuitively I tend to eat light during the day and then a nice size dinner at night. I have tried IF but sometimes going too long without a meal throws me off and I end up overeating at night. The weekends aren’t so bad because I can kind of follow my own rhythm but when I work its much harder because I have to maintain energy all day until 6 pm. I have definitely experimented around and based my conclusion solely on energy levels. I have eaten every 3 hours starting right after my early morning workout and realized I could NEVER get full and was constantly thinking about my next meal it was horrible.

Then I went to eating 3 larger meals plus one dessert. Breakfast was before work and a big salad was lunch then my big normal dinner and dessert. (all meals protein, fat and veggies only) I felt sooo tired as soon as I ate lunch but by eating breakfast early I was hungry by 1 or 2. I ate more fat like avocado, eggs, salmon and olive/coconut oil thinking that would hold me over till dinner and possibly minimize my appetite at night… didn’t work at all and I still ate the same amount at night just felt worse for eating too much food. BTW—I’m 5’1, 120. I also have struggled with hormonal imbalance, PCOS, insulin resistance and constant weight fluctuations.

Now I’ve been sort of fasting in the morning till about 10 or 11 and eating a light snack in the afternoon and come to find out I’m not overly hungry at night and eat the exact same amount as I did with the big lunch. It’s hard to determine how long this will last because, of course, my hunger changes daily and the problem is packing the right amount of food to satisfy my hunger without eating too much just because its there. I’m currently eating very little to no sugar which has helped with blood sugar throughout the day. Just curious what your thoughts are and if either of you deal with this while traveling and not really living by “your time.”  Also any suggestions for super light lunch/snack… jerky maybe? Or do I douse myself with coconut oil? Thanks so much and LOVE your podcast. 

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