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Podcast Episode #62: Vampire hands, thyroid, binge eating recovery, ex vegan, not menstruating?

Posted By charissa On November 15, 2012 @ 4:55 PM In Featured,Podcast Episodes | 3 Comments

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Episode #62: Vampire hands, thyroid, binge eating recovery, ex vegan, not menstruating?


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Opening chat: Quick thoughts about the Western A. Price Foundation Wise Traditions Conference 

1. Vampire hands [10:45]
2. Thyroid support [19:47]
3. Life long binge eating and drinking, can I recover while going through menopause? [33:10]
4. Ex raw vegan, Female MMA Fighter wants less body fat, more muscle, can’t poop, and is wary of cooked veggies. Help! [41:31]
5. I’m not menstruating [51:35]

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1. Vampire hands

Lauren says,

What are your recommendations (if any) for diet and Raynaud’s syndrome (aka my hands turn white and numb in the cold)?
I am easing my way into the Paleo diet. I was vegetarian (with occasional seafood) for many years, but I have started eating more seafood, as well as plenty of eggs. The meat is coming (it’s more of a mental block for me, but I’ve tried bites here and there recently). Other than that, I have cut out all grains, beans, legumes, and limit nuts.

When it is cold (or even just chilly like in the fall) out, my fingertips and sometimes my whole fingers turn white and lose circulation. It’s obviously worse in the winter (aka 6 months of the year in New England), but if I’m cold other times of the year, it happens as well. When it gets really bad, I have to run my hands under hot water for several minutes. Otherwise, I just wear gloves (which doesn’t always help). The one time it doesn’t happen is when I go running in the cold – my hands stay perfectly normal. If there are any supplements or diet recommendations, that would be great, so my hands don’t look like weird, white, vampire hands all winter long.

2. Thyroid support

Mary says,

Hey gals, LOVE your podcast! So engaging, informative and fun!

On to the serious stuff, I had a thyroid nodule biopsied and the pathology results came back as “inconclusive, but suspicious as cancer.” Of course I am stunned, frightened and in total denial. My endo recommended a partial or full thyroidectomy dependent upon the ENT doc. My TSH and free T-3 are in normal ranges, according to what Chris Kresser indicates as normal, so that’s why this is all the more baffling, but I suppose one is not necessarily related to the other…?

I will obviously have to take some kind of thyroid medication for the rest of my (hopefully very long) life, and would love to get your advice on nutrition support as well. I am considering taking a dessicated thyroid as I’m not jazzed about taking synthetic hormone, but will do whatever I need to in order to maintain proper thyroid levels once the thyroid gland is no more. What kinds of foods should I avoid, add and what kind of supplements will best support my thyroid?

Any thoughts on thyroid meds would be helpful as well!

Bedtime: 9pm, Wake: 5am to exercise which includes walking, 30-minute interval sessions on an elliptical or spin bike, weight training, sometimes weight training with cardio bursts (1 min of jump rope, spin bike or elliptical), core work and stretching. I typically exercise 60 minutes 5 days/week and change up the routine regularly. I take a week every few weeks to recover (light walking, yoga).
Supplements: 1 T Lewis Labs brewers yeast, 2 Green Pastures Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil blend capsules, 6 Enerprime capsules by IMPaX, 4000 IU Bioletics Vitamin D NonoSpray, 4 Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT tablets, 500 mg Rainbow Light Food-based Calcium, ginkgo biloba, taurine, methionine and N-Acetyl Cysteine for liver detox, 1 packet of Tianchi (Chinese adaptagentic herbs) and finally DIM. I also take 25 mg of Sprionolactone per day for acne. Whew!

Food: All fruits (limited) and veggies are organic and all meats are organic and/or grass-fed. I do eat a lot of organic, full-fat dairy which I intend to drop after surgery: 2 cups of coffee/day with raw milk, breakfast is eggs and some kind of organic grass-fed meat or liver on the weekends, but during the week I tend to eat either Kefir or cottage cheese. Lunch is chicken breast, sardines or tuna with carrots, jicama, guacamole or hummus (I know) and mixed greens. I eat a lot of seaweed (use it as a wrap for tuna or salmon salads) and dinner is more of the same. I do eat night shades and sweet potatoes and use coconut oil to cook with and snack on organic peanut butter, almond butter or coconut manna (heaven in a jar) in limited amounts. I have a glass of red wine 2-4 times per week. I don’t do any gluten and the only grains I have are the occasional rice crackers.

Thank you so much for your words of wisdom!!!

3. Life long binge eating and drinking, can I recover while going through menopause?

Trisha says,

Your podcast is an inspiration and has helped me tremendously in getting through the 21 DSD. Your work is helping so many. Where were you when I was struggling as a young woman? Oh. You were in diapers. Anyway, I am currently doing the 21 DSD and have had an epiphany that I am very sugar addicted and a long time over-drinker. Once off the wagon with these 2 substances it’s hard to control my intake. I would love to continue to live without these substances after the 21 DSD. SO, my question is this; what nutritional/supplement advice would you give to repair the damage done from years of disordered binge eating as well as years of over-drinking and to control the cravings for them? I am 50 years old and going through menopause too so I’ve got THAT going for me, which is nice. Main problem with that; hot flashes and brain fog. I was bulimic as a teenager/young adult. Also binge eater, with weight as high as 220. Currently 155 and feel best at 140. Finally not so worried about my body composition for vanity purposes but rather to be fit and strong and healthy as I age.
Currently paleo for a couple of months and currently half way through the 21 DSD. Prior to that, diet was ok albeit uninformed and I always struggled with refined carbs, sugar binges, alcohol. I’m somewhat an all-or-nothing person but getting better. For exercise I hike in the hills and do yoga and want to add some weight lifting at some point. I have recently started fermented cod liver oil but no real supplements. Sleep is not ideal. I work 3 night shifts per week at a stressful job but can sleep at work approx 50% of the time. The other 50% is interrupted sleep with the occasional up all night. On my days off I sleep well, 8 hours a night.

 5. I’m not menstruating

Michelle says,

My question is about how to safely regain a regular menstruation cycle and how concerned I should be that I’m not menstruating.

I’m 30 years old, almost 31, and weigh about 118 lbs. I lost my period in Jan 2012, which is also when I adopted a paleo diet (following the template provided by the Whole30). [Sidenote - I actually had light spotting in January for 1 day, which was 2.5 weeks after the previous cycle ended in Dec 2011.] At that point, I’d been crossfitting 3-5x per week for about 7 months and weighed 125lbs. I was generally happy with my health and wanted to give paleo a try which I’d learned about via the Crossfit community. My goals were to improve my overall health and see how my body would feel after cutting out gluten and sugar. So after the holidays, I started eating paleo and cut out dairy, sugar, gluten, and grains and ate a lot more meat, fats, and nuts. In about 1-2 months, I’d lost weight, with a low of around 115lbs. Over a few months, I dropped my pant size from 4 to 0. I certainly felt like I was eating more food, especially meat and weight loss was totally unexpected. I now hover around 118lbs, plus a few when I’m traveling and have less control over my food choices. I never try to limit how much I eat and basically eat when hungry and until I’m full.

I saw a gynecologist in June and she did some labs (I think just blood work and a pregnancy test), which all came out normal. She gave me a prescription for medroxyprogesterone and after 10 pills, I had my period. However, after nearly 4 months it’s not come back again. I don’t think the doctor ran any thyroid panels or tested hormone levels. I’ve never been on birth control. I think my loss of my period came with my weight loss. Even though I lost maybe 7 lbs, it was probably a significant amount given my starting weight.

Now that I haven’t had my period for a few months, what should I do to get it back? Should I adjust my diet or my workout routine? Should I get another Rx to medroxyprogesterone? How concerned should I be? definitely want to stay away from birth control. Anything else I should stay clear of? Should I get a thyroid panel? If I were anywhere near a paleo physicial, I’d go see him/her because I really don’t want to just take drugs to relieve symptoms and I feel like they’d understand and work with my lifestyle rather than look for a standard quick fix solution.

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