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Podcast Episode #78: Simplifying the transition to Paleo

Posted By Charissa Talbot On March 14, 2013 @ 12:41 PM In Podcast Episodes | 10 Comments

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Episode #78: Simplifying the transition to Paleo

In this episode Diane and Dr. Scott Mills sit down to chat about ways to make the transition to a Paleo diet easier.

I apologize that the sound quality early in the show was shaky – internet connectivity issues but I’m pretty sure it cleared up not too far in!

We answered some of your questions from Facebook!

Joni asks-
What are your tips for making the transition cost effective and workable in a situation when one has a significant other who balks at the terms low carb/paleo and what are some tips for working long hours at night and for combating cravings for sweets.

Michele asks-
I’d like tips for getting rid of dairy and how to make the most of meat and veggie CSA shares.

Brittany asks-
Where to start? I know I can’t flip a switch and change the way I have eaten for 48 years. I keep dabbling but I need a plan to get on with changing my diet.

Acadia asks-
Snacks and breakfast are the hardest things to rethink. I keep having eggs for breakfast, but having those all the time probably isn’t that good either.

Kristen asks-
Is it better to give my 2 year old daughter white rice with grass fed butter or a white potato with grass fed butter as a side dish?

Kirsten asks-
The biggest fear for me has been making the fermented things. It’s scary to me. Just wish a magic fairy (or store brand) would appear with something that was pure, sugar free, and good to eat. I think it would really help my off and on digestive issues.

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