FAQ: All about the 21 Day Sugar Detox

FAQs about The 21-Day Sugar Detox – in print and the online program

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I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since I originally published The 21-Day Sugar Detox as an eBook. Since April 2010, The 21-Day Sugar Detox has helped thousands of people to bust their sugar and carb cravings naturally. The whole-foods based approach to making dietary and lifestyle habits has proven effective again and again – and the program now …


Listen to my interview on the Transform Your Health Summit

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Check out the free Transform Your Health Summit that Marcie Peters put together that includes interviews with 31 health and nutrition experts (*some of whom you may also have heard on The Balanced Bites Podcast!) including: David Wolf Dr. Daniel Kalish* Jonny Bowden Mark Sisson* Diane Sanfilippo Dr. Neal Barnard JJ Virgin* Tana Amen Joy Houston Dr. Fabrizio Mancini Alexandra …


Announcing new coaching services from the Balanced Bites team

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I’m thrilled to share our new 1:1 nutrition coaching services with you all. There are two fantastic practitioners and several service options provided by each. You can find more detailed information about their coaching packages and rates on the site under the “Coaching” tab. Charissa Talbot Holistic Healthcare Practitioner* Charissa’s 1:1 Coaching Services WELLNESS LOG ANALYSIS  Wellness log analysis is …


Fermentation 101 with Jill Ciciarelli, author of Fermented (and a giveaway!)

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Hello Balanced Bites fans! I’m Jill Ciciarelli and I’m the keeper of the blog, firstcomeshealth.com and the author of the just-released book, Fermented: A Four-Season Approach to Paleo Probiotic Foods. I am really grateful to Diane for asking me to write a little something for her readers. (Thanks, Diane!) So, in thinking about what to write for all of you …


Troubleshooting Your Digestive Issues: Tips for Common Digestive Issues in Pregnancy (part 4)

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Hey everyone! This week’s installment of the Troubleshooting your Digestive Issues series is written by a paleo Registered Midwife, Meghanne Reburn. I figured it’s best to leave this topic to her, since she’s an expert – enjoy!  – Diane  Pregnancy can be an all around awesome time a woman’s life. I always find it magical to watch the body change, as …


Troubleshooting Your Digestive Issues: Specific Recommendations for Constipation & Diarrhea (part 3)

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In Part 1 of Troubleshooting Your Digestive Issues, I covered some signs and symptoms (diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, etc.), potential causes of disrupted digestion, and why it’s important to address these issues right away – most notably, to calm systemic inflammation. In Part 2, I detailed a top down approach to Improving digestion function. Following those recommendations alone will take your …