Podcast Episode #183: Chiropractic Care FAQs with Dr. Scott A. Mills

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Topics: 1.  What’s new for you from Diane [2:04] 2.  Shout Out: Diana Rodgers’ Homegrown Paleo Cookbook [7:28] 3.  This week in the Paleosphere: The WOD Doc [9:59] Listener Questions 4. What is chiropractic [13:02] 5. How adjustments balance the nervous system [18:50] 6. What is a good chiropractor, and how do you find one? [23:12] 7. Can chiropractic adjustment …


Robb Wolf on The Balanced Bites Podcast: Paleo media myths & sustainability.

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On Wednesday November 2nd, Robb Wolf will be joining us on the Balanced Bites podcast to discuss Paleo in the mainstream media. Topics covered will include: myths that are perpetuated about the whys and hows of a Paleo or Primal type of diet a recent article from the NPR blog sustainability and thoughts about the long-term success of the ancestral health movement …

Chris Kresser, L.Ac

Chris Kresser on The Balanced Bites Podcast talking about all things digestion

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On Wednesday the 19th Chris Kresser will be joining us on the Balanced Bites podcast to discuss digestive health. Topics covered will include: FODMAPs Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) Gut pathogens Maintaining healthy gut flora The best nutritional approaches for gut healing Liz and I regularly talk about the very practical, how-to side of addressing health and nutrition related concerns, but we’re …

I became pretty comfy in my FiveFingers shoes.

10 Things I Learned at MovNat: On Life, Movement and Being in Nature

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Last week I spent 5 days in Mt. Nebo, WV with Erwan LeCorre, Vic Verdier and Clifton Harski learning the pillars of MovNat while camping at Summersville Lake Retreat. I learned a lot over those five days, some of it directly from the instructors, some from my peers, and some just from the experience of being in nature and observing …


Introducing The Healthy Baby Code by Chris Kresser, L.Ac.

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Words can’t express how excited I am about the Q&A session I had with Chris Kresser recently. Many of you may be familiar with Chris’s work over at The Healthy Skeptic where he writes about important topics like heart disease and cholesterol, depression, thyroid disorders, diabesity (diabetes + obesity) and many more.  I decided to ask Chris some questions since …

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5 Questions with Holistic Wellness Network’s John Tsafos

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John Tsafos of Holistic Wellness Network in New Jersey is no ordinary personal trainer. Not only has he become one of my closest friends in recent years, but he’s a trusted colleague of mine when it comes to helping clients deal with stress and emotional issues that are holding them back. I usually tell people that whatever your problem is, John …