Podcast Episode #218: All About Gut Health with Christa Orecchio

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Get details on Christa’s Gut Thrive in 5 program here!  Special note! Christa is offering Balanced Bites Podcast listeners $200 off the program and $100+ off supplements now through November 30th! Use code BALANCEDBITES when you check out to get this amazing deal! Topics: 1. What’s new for you from Diane [1:49] 2. Introducing our guest, Christa Orecchio [3:19] 3. Step 1 …


Podcast Episode #72: Sarah of Talks Autoimmune & Paleo!

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Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Episode #72: Sarah of Talks Autoimmune & Paleo! Intro: 2:10 Routine for kids: planning around what’s natural for them. 6:36 All about, Sarah’s book on Autoimmune Paleo & The Paleo View podcast Topics: 1. [16:15] Can/should an Autoimmune protocol be used as a preventative? 2. [29:40] Is …


Podcast Episode #70: Practical Paleo Meal Plans, Exercise & Diet for Kids

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Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Episode #70: Practical Paleo Meal Plans, Exercise & Diet for Kids Topics: 1. Can you mix and match the 30 day meals plans in Practical Paleo? [8:00] 2. Clarifying super foods and goitrogenic foods recommendations. [15:50] 3. Help modifying recipes in Practical Paleo for an egg …

Paleo recipes for autoimmunity

Paleo Recipes for Autoimmune Conditions

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Since the release of Practical Paleo, the response to the section on eating for autoimmune conditions has been overwhelming. By popular demand, I am developing a downloadable cookbook with brand new autoimmune-friendly recipes, more meal plans, and tips for following this difficult way of healing your body through food. We asked you to tell us what type of recipes you’d like to …


FAQs: How can I eat Paleo without a gallbladder?

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My maternal grandmother, who many of you read about in my book, has no gallbladder. My father has no gallbladder. I’ve said it many times over, when I talk about my background and motivation to study and teach nutrition, that I live and eat in a way to do the best I can to prevent not only ailments like cancer …


Autoimmune Protocol for Paleo – we need your feedback

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Since the release of Practical Paleo, the response to the section on autoimmunity – especially the autoimmune-friendly recipes and meal plan – has been overwhelming. I’ve gotten hundreds of requests for more recipes, more meal plans, more help in general with eating in what is sometimes a very challenging way. A new resource is in the works! I’m developing a …


15 Paleo egg-Free breakfast ideas

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Many of you know that my new book, Practical Paleo, contains a 30-Day Meal Plan to support Autoimmune Conditions. The meal plan excludes a lot of commonly gut/immune-system irritating foods: grains, legumes, dairy, nuts, seeds, nightshades… and eggs! For most folks, the plan is tough enough when it comes to avoiding nightshades – they are seemingly in everything… especially spice …