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Building a Village | What’s Up Weekly with Diane | September 12, 2017

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Here’s what was up last week! Quick Links: Diane: Direct Vlog New Blog Post – The Magic of Saying No Dr. Scott – Upcoming Rochester Event! Balanced Bites Podcast – Episodes #311 & #312 New Book – 21DSD Daily Guide – releasing January 2018 Balanced Bites Spices – Update! New 21DSD Posts Highlights from Instagram Diane: Direct Vlog This week …

The magic of saying no | Diane Sanfilippo

The Magic of Saying No

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Who else is saying *NO*┬ámore?   What happens when we say “no” to people, activities, and even to ourselves? It’s usually the most honest answer you can give, yet somehow, it’s the absolute hardest. Allow me to release you from the turmoil that comes from this in-between state you may be in right now… saying no to something, someone, or …