Monday Motivation: Dogma limits possibilities. | Diane Sanfilippo

Dogma limits possibilities – in Paleo, CrossFit, yoga, and beyond.

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This post is a sort of stream of consciousness rant, if you will. It’s intended to open your mind up to a new way of thinking about things that I talk about so often here on the blog, on the podcast, and in all of my work. It’s a set of thoughts that came to me yesterday morning, that I …

National Paleo Meal Delivery

Paleo Meal Delivery

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Looking for Paleo meal delivery? Pete’s Paleo has you covered! They deliver nationally and are loved and supported by everyone here on the Balanced Bites team. Pete’s Paleo “Pete’s Paleo brings fine dining to your cave. Pete is a classically trained chef from Le Cordon Bleu. His approach to Paleo is to source the best ingredients from the farms and have …


“The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking” – a video and a giveaway!

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If you’ve been waiting for a Paleo cookbook to release that includes only the most practical, approachable, and easy weeknight go-to dishes — your wait is over! Hayley Mason & Bill Staley have just released their third book, The 30 Day Guide to Paleo Cooking. In this book, you’ll find: 75 brand new recipes. 24 bonus “express eats” ideas for …


“Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining” – Share the Paleo lifestyle with family & friends (and a giveaway!)

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At my gym’s holiday party this past winter, one of the other members came up to me, pointed to a plate of cookies and asked “are these normal cookies?” I replied “yes, eat one!” She was trying to find out of the cookies were made from wheat flour or not, and, in her mind, if they weren’t made from grains, …


The Primal Life Kit eBook Bundle – a limited time offer of 30 programs for just $39 (a $485 value)

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The Primal Life Kit eBook Bundle – a limited time offer of 30 programs for just $39 (a $485 value) What’s The Primal Life Kit? The people at have put together a really exciting opportunity for you! When you purchase the $39 Primal Life Kit, you get $485 worth of the most popular and life-changing Primal and Paleo products: …


FAQs: What is Paleo?

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“Paleo” is short for Paleolithic, but the name is actually less important than the power of the overall approach. While the term “Paleo” has gained traction in the mainstream media and on bookstore shelves everywhere due to the improved health of those who follow the lifestyle, you could call it “Primal,” “Grain-Free,” “Real Food,” “Whole Food,” “Nutrient-Dense,” or “Ancestral.” Whatever …


An inside look at the Skintervention Guide with author Liz Wolfe (of Cave Girl Eats)

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I am beyond thrilled to introduce my amazingly smart teaching and podcasting partner Liz Wolfe’s newest work – her Skintervention Guide. Liz has become one of the leading voices on natural skincare and treatments that work from the inside out. Her experience and depth of knowledge on various causes of – and remedies for – everything from acne and scarring to …


5 Questions with Paleo Trail (the new online Paleo diet tracker) – and a giveaway!

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I am happy to share with you my interview with Paleo Trail Founder, Kristin Jekielek. Paleo Trail provides a way to track your food with the focus being on food quality rather then calorie counting. Kristin is offering up a 1 year upgraded membership for one lucky Balanced Bites reader – details are at the end of this post. 1. How did the idea for Paleo Trail come about? …