Robb Wolf on The Balanced Bites Podcast: Paleo media myths & sustainability.

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On Wednesday November 2nd, Robb Wolf will be joining us on the Balanced Bites podcast to discuss Paleo in the mainstream media. Topics covered will include: myths that are perpetuated about the whys and hows of a Paleo or Primal type of diet a recent article from the NPR blog sustainability and thoughts about the long-term success of the ancestral health movement …


Paleo Magazine: A great resource & a winner!

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If you haven’t already checked out Paleo Magazine, go ahead do so. It’s a fantastic resource that you’ll be able to read cover-to-cover and find yourself happily learning about how to live a healthier, more natural life versus being sold tons of processed and refined “foods” as you would in most other health-oriented publications. If you’re the electronic media type, …


Paleo Magazine (September / October) – Feeding Kids: What the USDA Recommends vs The Paleo Diet

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As a contributing author to Paleo Magazine, I’m excited to share a peek at my article in the upcoming September issue. Check out exclusive articles by subscribing or finding issues on a newsstand near you. Enter to win a FREE year’s subscription to Paleo Magazine by posting a comment below within the week (through 10/1/11)! An excerpt from my article in the latest …

Balanced Bites Podcast

Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #3: Natural Beauty Products, Paleo vs. Low Carb, Crazy Sugar Cravings, Adding Foods Back to AI Diet Protocol, Paleo Nutrition Education

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Episode #3 Steve’s Original newsletter – Topics:  1: Natural, non-toxic beauty products [8:00] 2: Paleo vs Low Carb [20:08] 3: Crazy sugar cravings [34:55] 4: Adding foods back to an AI paleo diet protocol? [46:10] 5: Paleo nutrition education and putting it into practice [54:45] Note: The episodes are now available in iTunes as well and we’ll work on other feed services …


5 Questions with “Paleo Comfort Foods” Authors Julie & Charles Mayfield

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While in Atlanta back in July to teach a Practical Paleo Seminar at CrossFit South Cobb, I had the great pleasure of sitting down to dinner at Canoe with Julie & Charles Mayfield, authors of the exciting new cookbook, Paleo Comfort Foods. What I loved about the Mayfields most was that they were very down-to-earth, genuine and fun people who love …


Real Life Changes – Lori’s Story “Small Tweaks Matter… Go Paleo”

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This is a recent testimonial from one of my clients, Lori, who lives in Ohio. When Lori first came to me, she was still eating along the lines of what many consider to be Conventional Wisdom (CW) around what is healthy food: low fat and whole grains. She had already begun to make shifts towards Paleo, but was certainly experiencing …


5 Questions with “Make it Paleo” authors Bill Staley & Hayley Mason

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I recently had the great pleasure of not only meeting, but also becoming great friends with Hayley Mason and Bill Staley, authors of the popular blog The Food Lovers Primal Palate and now, the brand-new, amazingly beautiful and completely useful cookbook Make it Paleo. This young and vibrant dynamic duo exudes enthusiasm for the Paleo lifestyle and I feel lucky to …


Announcing: The Balanced Bites Podcast

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I’ve been searching high and low for the right co-host to tackle a podcast with me. Well, the day has come and now I have some VERY exciting news: The Balanced Bites Podcast is getting ready to launch! Let me introduce you to my fantastic co-host, Liz Wolfe. Liz runs the popular blog, and was first introduced to evolutionary nutrition through …


FAQs: What are good Paleo carbs to eat?

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I’ve decided to start a bit of a series of FAQ posts since it seems like a good idea to get some of these questioned answered up in writing to share with my readers, and for you all to share with others who likely ask the same questions of you. So, here we go… starting it off with one I’ve …