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  • sarena

    those all look great, thanks for sharing. But I cant have any of it…I am so sensitive to sugars. I made a similar pumpkin dish this past weekend and reacted badly. Ugh

  • Dinetonite

    Thanks for a great feast for my eyes. Now I am ready to cook! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • chloe

    is there a way to substitute butter in the apple crisp crust??

    • admin

      Any cooking fat is fine to use- you can try coconut oil or lard if you have it.

  • jessica

    What serving size are these for ?

  • Ryan Mickle

    That link to the recipes is broken :(

    • balancedbites

      Perhaps – this is a very old post.

      • Ryan Mickle

        Sad! It’s a popular post on Pinterest!