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  • Cindy

    Can the Tessemae Wing Sauce be bought online anywhere, because I’m not finding it and it doesn’t appear to be for sale in Florida.

    • admin

      Their website has online ordering- did you click to their site?

    • carla

      I was just trying to figure out what to make with the leftover chicken in my refrigerator. This looks like a great way to use leftovers and one less step in the recipe. Also, I think they sell Tessemae at Whole Foods, buy I’m not sure if they carry the wing sauce or just their dressings. Thanks for the great recipe!!!

  • Mommas

    Tessemae’s is sold exclusively in WholeFoods or online on their website. It is amazing! Try mixing the ranch and buffalo with this recipe… It’s unreal!

  • Wendy

    Is there a printer friendly version to print this out properly?

    • admin

      We’re working on that for the website- soon, but not yet, sorry!

  • Kelsey

    Diane! I love you and I love the look of this recipe! I am giving the 21 DSD a 2nd go (1st attempt was a miserable failure) starting Monday and I think a batch of these neet to be whipped up this weekend.

    Thanks for being fantastic!

  • Susie

    I made a doulbe batch of these yesterday and… WOWZA. They are so good. I had heard of Tessamae’s, but hadn’t bought it until this weekend to make this recipe. I’ve literally gone through half the bottle since yesterday. Granted, part went to the recipe, but a lot has gone to… everything else I’ve consumed. I have a feeling this recipe will be a new staple recipe going forward since pretty much every meal I make has to be portable!

    I just might add bacon to these next time!

  • Sophie Mesters

    Mmmmmm i love skinny recipes! It’s the little things that make a big difference and still allow you to enjoy foods you like. I’d almost consider that a Random Act of Wellness. I’ve been really into trying to incorporate little acts of wellness into my life. I was actually initially inspired to by Really awesome perspective.

  • Pascale Michaud

    These are sooooo good! Thanks for the great recipe!

  • Haley Curtis

    These look great. How would you suggest storing them and reheating them for an on the go breakfast?

    • Diane Sanfilippo

      I pop things in my toaster oven for a few minutes to reheat them.

  • Stacy Smith

    Not sure what happened when I made them, but they weren’t great at all. Kind of disappointed since I love your other recipes! All I could think was…where is the cheese? And I know I should have!!

    • Diane Sanfilippo

      Well, if you can eat cheese maybe add some. Did you use the same sauce I used? What was off about them for ya?

  • Johnny Malangone

    did you mean to list the wing sauce twice?

    • balancedbites

      I’ll edit that sorry!

      • Johnny Malangone

        thanks! I’m making this now…I accidentally doubled the garlic. It’s smelling POTENT in here but I can’t wait :)

        • balancedbites


          • balancedbites

            It won’t be bad- with egg bakes I find that more seasoning is better, otherwise they’re bland.

  • Dustin Brown

    Have you tried making this as a casserole? BTW, these are fantastic!

    • balancedbites

      I haven’t but great idea!

  • Cassidy Reinken

    Can you freeze these after their cooked?

    • balancedbites

      I don’t know if they’ll hold up- but as a casserole I bet it would be okay.

      • Cassidy Reinken

        Great, I happened to double the recipe and made half muffins and half casserole! They’re delicious by the way, thank you!

        • Dawn Brown

          Cassidy, have you tried freezing these? I was going to ask the same question. Thanks!

  • Candace Evans

    I notice that there is no cheese in this recipe but the photos look like they have cheese on top. Am I mistaken?

    • balancedbites

      Nope, no cheese!

  • Anna Garver

    So I hate eggs, but I’m really really trying! I can do your muffins (pumpkin, also lemon-blueberry) in PP. Could I add coconut flour like in those recipes so I don’t feel like I’m eating eggs?! Thanks! Excited for the January 21 DSD!

  • Kammie @ Sensual Appeal

    How long would you say these last in the fridge?

    • balancedbites

      Maybe 3-4 days.

    • Megan

      I make a batch (one dozen) on Sunday and eat 2 each morning throughout the week. The last 2 are just as good as the first 2. I wouldn’t keep them in the fridge longer than that, though

  • Jessica Lee Hall

    These are amazing. I made these for breakfast this weekend for a group with diverse likes, and they were a hit!! The Tessamae’s has/adds a really nice flavor.

    • Deb

      Has anyone ever made these in the mini muffin pans? Just wondering how long they should cook and how they turned out.

  • Pam Meunier

    Would regular cupcake baking cups work with this recipe or would I have a big mess?

    • Megan

      These do not stick in a well-oiled non-stick muffin tin – no liners necessary! I make a batch every week and have not had a problem

      • Pam Meunier

        Thanks Megan!

  • Jo

    Can you freeze these?!?

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  • Molly

    Can I use Sirachi sauce instead?

    • April LeMaster

      You can definitely try it!

      • lisa Chandler

        Do you have nutritional information?

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  • lauren

    did anyone find 40 mins way too long in the oven??

    • kissytina


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