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  • Kelly

    I made these last night and had a problem with the crust separating from the other layers. Any thoughts? Also, the crust is a bit moist. Maybe it would work better if I cooked the crust in the oven for a bit before adding the other layers.

    Still very yummy, though! Thanks!

  • Diane @ Balanced Bites

    @Kelly- mine did separate a little bit too, maybe try 1 egg white instead of 2? I am notoriously not the best baker so this was my best shot!

    • Nancy

      I made paleo magic cookie bars back in October, and used 3 T coconut butter with 1 cup ground nuts for the crust (no egg whites), and didn’t have any trouble with the crust separating. It also helps to serve them slightly cool, since the coconut oil will be more solid and will hold the bar together better.

      They are addictive – you definitely have to keep them out of sight if you aren’t sharing them! Yum!

  • Kelly

    I'll try that next time and let you know if it works better. Thanks!

  • Cathy

    I made these for my teen daughter to take to a Valentine’s party last night. Yummy! We will definitely make these again….although not too often as they are addictive.

  • Jessica

    These look fabulous…do you use UNsweetened coconut?


    • admin

      Yep, unsweetened! These babies are SWEET ENOUGH without any sweetened coconut, plus, I never buy sweetened coconut as it’s sweet enough on it’s own :)

  • Lisa

    I know these are a treat and not to eat very often. But I just started eating paleo and I’m afraid I will want to eat these too often, they sound delicious. Can I switch out the pb chips with something else? And can I use ghee instead of regular butter?

    • admin

      I wouldn’t make these for home-snacking, they are something great to bring to a party or BBQ though… so that there is a grain-free option for you to enjoy but not on which to overdo it in the house. These are LOADED with sugar and are not part of a regular healthy diet.

      PB chips were subbed IN for butterscotch chips in the original recipe, but you can use anything really- maybe even drizzle almond butter?

      • Crunchy Pickle

        Do you happen to know if the PB chips/butterscotch chips are gluten free?

        • admin

          Whatever brand I used that was noted above would have been gluten free for sure.

  • Joan Mercantini

    These cookie bars are awesome and they cut perfectly. They sure won’t last long in our house.

  • Joan Mercantini

    With all the talk about phytic acid in nuts, just how many portions of a treat such as the above recipe should we have each day. These cookie bars are the best I have ever made.

    • admin

      Each day?! LOL. These are more of a sugar-bomb than a phytic acid bomb if I ever saw one. When I made these, I cut them VERY small and brought them to a party. There’s NO WAY I could keep these in my house.

  • Sarah

    What size pan is used? I’m new to Paleo and am going to try and make these for a football party on Sunday! I’m excited to try them!

    • admin

      That was a 9×9 metal brownie tray- but you could use a small glass or ceramic pan too.

      • Sarah

        Thank you! Making them tomorrow – cannot wait! And I just took out my first effort of your grain free pumpkin muffins – looks great!

  • Candice

    I’m gonna pretend I didnt see this recipe and move on. 😉

    Looks and sounds super delicious!

    • admin

      Hee hee… carry on…

  • Rhianon

    What are peanut butter chips? What could I use instead?

  • Lauren Shepherd

    can you use coconut flour instead of almond flour?

    • admin

      Coconut flour will not work the same way nut flours will, but you can use another nut flour instead of almond if you like.