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  • Meg D

    for the second fermentation do you keep the scoby in the jar or you just strain out the liquid alone without the scoby into smaller mason jars?

  • Kristen

    I am excited to try this, I just got my scoby. I wanted to experiment with chia seeds. Any idea when I should add them in the process?


    • Rebecca

      I would think after the brewing process and you have transferred the KT to bottles/jars. Definitely don’t add them to the main brew!

      • Kristen

        I am on my 4th batch now, and have mastered the Black Chia recipe. I just add the Chia seeds after 2nd fermentation before I bottle and refrigerate I use some of the komburcha to soak seeds (still working how many tbl make the perfect bottle) and then add all back to bottle. Good stuff!

        • guest_212

          Can you share your Black Chia recipe? Thank you :)

  • Alina

    Hi Diane,
    I was wondering if keeping fruit or anything else in kombucha for the 7 days (second fermentation) at room temperature poses any dangers. Wouldn’t the “stuff” inside kombucha go moldy? I would imagine that the acidity will keep the bad bacteria in check to some extent but what about if the kombucha is on a sweeter side?
    Thank you.

    • Diane Sanfilippo

      The whole thing is based on bacteria growing – so, that’s the point :) once you refrigerate it, the bacterial activity stops /pauses.

  • Gwen

    Hi! Thank you so much for posting this! I am getting prepared to start my very first batch of kombucha (just need to get scoby from a friend) and was curious how many 32oz bottles you kept on hand for the 2nd fermentation? I want to make sure I have enough to bottle things up when the 1st fermentation completes.


  • Dana

    Won’t brewing green tea for 20-30 minutes make it bitter?

  • Patricia

    I’ve been brewing kombucha for a few months and just discovered how to add ginger flavoring: after the first fermentation, remove the scoby and re-bottle into smaller bottles (32oz. work for me). Then I add a tablespoon or so of dried, organic ginger pieces to each 32oz. bottle (they are available in the bulk spice section of my local co-op – not ground ginger, but little chunks), tightly cap the bottles and let them sit on the counter for a couple of days. During this time, some carbonation will occur (a good thing!) so check daily after the first day or two – if it’s a bit bubbly then I refrigerate it. I’ve been warned that if you let it sit out too long it can actually kind of explode! (a very bad thing). Prior to refrigerating I strain out the ginger and re-bottle the kombucha. It is very fresh tasting, kind of spicy, and tastes much like the expensive GT’s brand from Whole Foods.

  • JB Holistic

    I just made my first batch this weekend! It’s still fermenting! I’m just wondering about the second fermentation. Do I have to do a second fermentation if I don’t really care about the fiziness? Or can I just bottle it and refrigerate? And do I have to ferment once I add the fruit juice or can I just add some fruit juice to my container and add the kombucha and refrigerate?
    Oh so many questions! Thank you!!

  • mandy

    For the 2nd fermentation, do you do this with, or without the SCOBY?

    • Diane Sanfilippo


      • Allison Muenkel

        Just a bit confused with the second fermentation and adding fruit/purees. Your picture shows the fruit under the scoby. I have a plain batch that is ready to go to a second fermentation and/or add some fruit. So do I just pour it into the mason jars with the fruit, cap them and then let them go for a week? Or do I add the berries to a larger batch and place the scoby on top? I also want the fizz! :)

        • admin

          The second fermentation is when you remove the scoby and put the lid on. You can have fruit in it during both stages if you like.

  • Katherine Stackhouse Boudreaux

    I am making my very first batch of kombucha right now. I have mason jars I plan on storing my kombucha in when it’s ready. When reading about the storage I read they have to be sealed with a plastic lid. Do you use the metal lid?

    • Laura StarFlower

      Just put waxed paper on first then top with the regular metal lid & ring.

  • Kim Wilson

    I’m looking for a SCOBY near Cherry Hill, NJ.

    • JerseyGator

      Kim, I live in Mullica Hill and can give you a scoby. We could meet in the middle. :)

  • Robert Kamau

    Kombucha really prevents growth of candida and also the gastrointestinal tract infections. It is also a general immune booster.

  • Rebecca Lewis

    Hi, quick question…about how long does it typically take people to adjust to drinking kombucha? Since I started having 4-8oz of this homemade kombucha everyday I’ve noticed a very thick white coating on the back of my tongue and a huge bloated stomach . Kombucha is the only new things I’ve added over the past week to my paleo diet . Do you think it’s my body detoxing? Should I keep drinking it? Thanks in advance!

    • balancedbites

      I actually think quite the opposite- you may have a candida overgrowth and the kombucha may be feeding it. I’d stop drinking it and consider looking into a candida-cleanse type of diet. My 21-day sugar detox can help tons as it aligns closely with many candida-cleanse diets, but it isn’t specifically for that purpose (doesn’t have additional detox supplements for the die-off, etc). White “thrush” on the tongue is often a sign of a sugar overload or fungal overgrowth. Don’t freak out, it’s super common!!!

      • Rebecca Lewis

        Thank you so much for the quick response. I’ll try not to worry and I’ll look into the sugar detox. Although I really eat barely any sugar. Only about 1/2 a sweet potato a day and maybe 1 serving of fruit….

      • balancedbites

        This program may help as well –

  • Maddie

    i accidentally doubled the amount of sugar in my last batch its been about 4 days and i just realized that.. should i just let it ferment double the time so it can eat it all without being too sweet? Also is there any negative effects from me doing that? thanks!

  • Diane Brodeen

    How do you store the SCOBY between uses? How does it grow bigger so you have some to give away? Do you cut it in half to give some away?

    • April LeMaster

      You can store your scoby in a jar with some starter tea in the pantry. Each time you make a brew, you will have a new scoby that forms on top. So you will have two scoby’s with each brew.

  • sara

    Hi. Is kombucha alcoholic. If it is is there anyway to make it non alcoholic . I want to try this drink but can’t find straight answer. Pls hel

    • April LeMaster

      It really depends on the brew. The longer it ferments the more alcohol. So, it is a hard question to answer.

  • Lori


    I’m in Austin, TX. Does anyone know of a local place/person where I could acquire a SCOBY?

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