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  1. I just made turkey bone broth yesterday from 2 large legs and 2 large wings-from our 21 pound thanksgiving turkey that I cut up and had stored in the fridge. I cooked it for about 10 hours and it gelled up which is great as I feel like the collagen and minerals have definitely been released. I cooked the meat for 3 hours, then removed the meat from the bones then reintroduced the bones and skin and added some raw egg shells I had from a cake I made, as that adds hylauronic acid (the filmy stuff inside the eggs) and calcium to the broth. This was so easy to make and I made some for us and our 2 cats that had upset stomachs and now they are great. Enjoy

    1. Forgot to mention, I’ve been using Great Lakes Collagen in my smoothies and it’s definitely helped reduce my back pain and my facial wrinkles around my eyes have diminished.

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    1. The fat is probably oxidized due to being under such high heat and pressure for so long. While it may not be harmful to eat the meat after, it’s not the best idea. Try scraping off all the meat you can before using the bones. Or even better, use bones left-over from meals to make broth with. It’s a resourceful way a get broth bones!

  10. Can I use a newly purchased pressure cooker to make the broth rather than a slow cooker without compromising the benefits?

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  15. I am always making Pho Beef stock and I use mostly bones. About 7 lbs of marrow bones and 3-4 lbs of Shank or oxtail. I use a pressure cooker and it does the job in about 2-1/2 hours, if you let it go longer you get a milky cloudy broth which many like but I prefer the clear broth which is still loaded with protein and collagen. By adding a little grass-fed beef gelatin you can make it higher in protein and it gives it a better mouth feel and enhances the the beef flavor. Also the addition of any sweetener, just about a teaspoon of sugar,palm sugar,honey,agave etc and that also brings out the beefiness and does not make it sweet at all. Also you can add lime juice or lemon in place of the vinegar, has same leeching effect. I am a 15 year stomach cancer survivor and this is what I had every day 3 times daily.

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