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  • Massimo

    thank you for the recipe. what is the difference between pumpkin and squash?

    sorry for the question but I’m Swiss!

    kind regards

    • admin

      Pumpkin is a type of winter squash. :)

  • Primal Toad

    I have been eying this one to make in October here in Michigan when fresh pumpkin is available in abundance! So awesome that you put this one on your website for the fall :)

  • Kristy

    They sound delish! What sort of flavours are usually found in pumpkin spice? I’ve never seen it sold in Australia! Cheers xo

  • Michael shows that it has 1 tbsp Salt and not the 1/2 tsp

    I made this the other day and only had enough batter for 9 muffins. Pretty sure I didn’t mess up the recipe. I added a mashed banana to the second batch and had enough for 12. Awesome book though.

    • admin

      We’ll fix the recipe nutrition facts asap- thanks!

      As for the batch- I do think my original recipe was made in somehow smaller muffin tins perhaps. I made some just now and added a ton of shredded carrot and nicely filled up 12 muffin liners.

  • Zoey

    I was wondering what could be substituted for the fresh cranberries? I live in Australia and the only cranberries I have seen are dried ones that of course contains sugar as well. Thank you

    • Sarah

      I am in Australia too. You’ll find that nearing Christmas time, there’s frozen cranberries, which would work as well as fresh. They are creative gourmet brand, sold in Woolies and Coles.

      Otherwise, I would think frozen raspberries would work well. Tart like cranberries, but much easier to find here.

      • Elly

        So I couldn’t find fresh cranberries either, but did find some frozen ones. Do I need to defrost them first or can they go into the batter still frozen? Thanks!

  • Rob

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks very much for the great recipe. I’m just curious as to why you prefer the green label tropical traditions coconut oil as opposed to the gold label. Is it just a taste thing or do you prefer it for some other reason? Just curious.

    • admin

      That is 100% based on taste/smell. I love the green label, don’t love the gold for that reason.

      • Amy B.

        Oooooh…I had a bad experience with the gold label stuff. (It smelled and tasted like soap…almost like it was rancid, but I know it’s pretty much impossible for coconut oil to go bad.) I was disappointed because I’d heard such great things about the Trop Trad brand so I took advantage of a BOGO sale and ended up with 2 big jars of something that I really didn’t like. Is the green label made differently? (More of a “fresher” coconut flavor and smell, maybe?)

        Everyone really seems to like Trop Trad products, so in their defense, I’ll say I also ordered coconut flour and cream concentrate, and they were both awesome.

        (Never mind — just checked the website, and there *is* a different process for making the green vs the gold, so that’s why the taste/smell is different. I’ll still submit this instead of deleting b/c it’s good info for other people, I think.)

        • admin

          Yep- it’s a less refined product, so some flesh of the coconut remains within it and it becomes a bit fermented. The green label is not like that at all!

  • Christine

    Is there a different option other than banana? I’d love to do a sugar detox friendly version, but I can’t eat bananas. Thanks!

  • LIZ

    my boyfriend is allergic to cranberries (weird eh?) and i didn’t have any carrots so i shredded up a sad looking zucchini that was in the back of my fridge. delish!

  • Elaine

    This may be a silly question, but I’m new to baking. How long do I cook the muffins if I use a mini-muffin pan?

  • Casey

    We love this recipe! It was one of the first we made from the book. My daughter had some of these with breakfast today, actually. Sometimes we take one of the eggs out and add in more pumpkin, and I’m thinking about taking the maple syrup out and seeing what happens. We prefer to not use stuff like that very often but want to make these muffins all the time now! Especially with it being the pumpkin time of year. :-)

    • admin

      Casey- if you sub in a mashed ripe banana they should be good without the maple syrup :) I posted a recipe today as well that’s similar but different and uses no sweeteners besides the banana.

  • Skye Garman

    I made these and they are AH-mazing!! Thank you!!

  • Tracy DuBose

    My daughter and I are sensitive to eggs. I’m thinking egg replacer won’t work in a recipe that calls for 6 eggs. Any suggestions?

    • Diane

      I wouldn’t recommend that for this many eggs, no. We are almost finished with an entire eBook of recipes that are egg-free that may be of interest to you!

  • Mary Bergman

    Making these for the second time, now. Love them! Thanks so much :)

  • Sarah Leffler

    I just made these and they are so yummy! I think I’ll make more tomorrow! I haven’t found very many recipes using coconut flour that I really like, but this one is great. Thanks!

  • Kirsten Thomas

    Hi, am I the only one confused about how much a quarter a can of pumpkin is? What if I am using fresh? Does it work out to a half a cup? Please let me know how big the can is, and how much a quarter of it is. Thanks, Kirsten

    • admin

      The recipe calls for 1/4 cup. If you use fresh, you really need to strain it well overnight perhaps or cook it down a lot as it will hold a lot more water than canned.

  • Sally

    Can I get the link for the egg free e book?

    • Kat

      I found this link through Dani Spies from .

      This looks amazing.

      Question: do you think these muffins would freeze well? And if so, how long would you guess they’d keep??

  • Anne

    Thank you so much for this recipe. It has made our transition to Paleo much easier. I like to add an additional 1/4 cup of pumpkin, 1/2 cup raisins, 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, and use cold pressed coconut oil. I also chop the cranberries so they are distributed throughout the batter. I grease muffin tins with the coconut oil and use a rubber spatula to remove them so I don’t have to use liners. It took my oven about 20 minutes so make sure you check these often when you make them the first time. These type of high egg muffin recipes have saved our weekday mornings!

  • Amelia Woodbridge

    Would love to find nutrition info on your recipes. I track my food in a log and can’t find nutrition info on things.

    • Diane Sanfilippo

      It’s on the “Practical Paleo” page linked from there.

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  • Dan K

    Hello Diane. My name is Dan and I am a founder of Easy Fast Recipes website. Many thanks for this fantastic Pumpkin Cranberry Muffins recipe! Simple and affordable ingredients, easy to follow step by step instructions. I am a Paleo diet follower myself. This is yummy easy fast recipe and it’s surely going into my bookmark list.

    I am looking forward for more easy food recipes on your site in the nearest future.
    You are welcome to visit my website >> Easy Fast Recipes for Healthy Lifestyle & Fitness. Thanks and do have a great day!

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  • Staci ‘Grainne’ Corcoran

    I don’t suppose you could link back to the original recipe? I liked it…with the carrots added and spices adjusted, it was like a perfect carrot cake. :)

  • Jill Kinsella

    Thought these were okay. I would make them again with the 1/2 cup of pumpkin others suggested. But it needs more sweetness. I would swap out the cranberres for blueberres which are naturally sweeter. Maybe a little baking powder to give them some rise. Maybe swap some of the pumpkin pie spice for cinnamon. I might also try almond flour rather than coconut flour. But makes for an easy breakfast, which I certainly appreciate.