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  • Lasik

    Tried it… awesome!

  • Lasik

    Tried it… awesome!

  • Rose

    I’m very new to Paleo and still learning to decipher all the information. For all these yummy recipes, is there any way to note or use keywords as to which 30day meal plan they fall into? autoimmune, etc?


    • Diane Sanfilippo

      If you want recipes that are specific to my book’s meal plans, I’d stick to what’s in the book. That said, this should apply just fine to any of the meal plans perhaps with the exception of the Autoimmune plan.

  • AnGela

    I was excited about making this recipe but it turned out really dry after cooking so long. I’m wondering if I was supposed to add some additional water to it after putting the meat with marinade in the slow cooker?

  • Susie

    Hi Diane –

    On your nutrition facts for this dish, you list 2.5g of transfat. Where does the transfat come from? I don’t see any hydrogenated oils in your recipe. I’m confused. Thanks,


    • April LeMaster

      That should be 0 trans fat. We will get that changed. Thank you

  • Simone

    Thanks for the tortilla love! Can you please provide instructions for the buried pig version? I don’t have a slow cooker. haha j/k j/k

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  • StringOnAStick

    I’ve tried the egg replacer stuff and not had any luck; I think it needs the gluten of grain-based flours to work. What I ended up with has very flat, but that may be OK if that is your only choice; I guess you could try it and see.