Sweet Potato Pancakes from "Practical Paleo" | Diane Sanfilippo #Paleo #21DSD

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  • http://www.mypaleolife.com My Paleo LIfe (Brock)

    Back in the day (pre paleo) we made these with potato and called them Potato Rosti.

    Try serving them under scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon, salmon roe and a dollop of sour cream (if you do dairy).

    • http://www.balancedbites.com admin

      I’m cool with people using white potatoes for these as I think white potatoes are probably pretty harmless in moderation (vs a standard American fries-with-everything approach).

      Under eggs is great! That’s how I had them too!

      • julie

        did i miss something , didnt you say you dont eat sweet potato some where else or were you just making this for a recipe,is sweet potato harmless in moderation ,cause thats what ive turned to over regular white potato

        • http://www.balancedbites.com admin

          I don’t personally eat them often. I was eating them more when I first went paleo but I find that I need a lot fewer carbs in the day to feel good, less hungry and to keep cravings for sweets away. These pancakes were awesome, but I CHOWED too many of them… it’s SO easy to go back for more of them since they’re sweet, you know? ;o)

  • http://aterlycan.wordpress.com/ Bobby Khan

    Gotta try this out :)

  • http://lessofmimi.wordpress.com Melissa Fritcher

    I just happen to have two massive sweet potatoes in my fridge and I was hemming and hawing over making them as I have the last few months – mashed w/ lots of spice and butter. Now, of course, as I write that, I want it again, but I want to try this as well! I’ve done latkes with many things, but never sweet potatoes. This sounds heavenly! I wonder what a good topping could be? Our traditional reibekuchen are served with sour cream or applesauce. I’ll have to ponder on that for a bit. Maybe spiced whipped coconut milk? Does CM whip? Thanks for this idea! Can’t wait to try!

  • S.Le

    Do you think we can bake these instead of frying? I’m not much of a fryer even though I do have coconut oil. I just think it’s still too greasy. What do you think?

    • Sherry

      looks like they have a baked recipe – there is flour but I imagine you could substitute with coconut flour.

    • Shela

      Just found your website today and tried the Sweet Potato Pancakes. They were FANTASTIC!!! We drizzled a little local honey over the top and then paired with over-medium eggs – yum.

      This is definitely a new family favorite for breakfast.

      Question – has anyone tried freezing the left-overs? I would love to make a large batch and freeze them for future “quick” breakfast treats.

  • http://www.bodywiseosteo.com.au Brisbane Osteo

    I am definately trying these in the morning with eggs and turkey! They sound so yum!

  • Ana

    You said you recommend coconut flour to replace regular flour. Do you ever use almond flour? I might try these with almond flour since I just bought it the other day, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen coconut flour in the stores near me.

  • abby

    Tsp is teaspoon? I’ve never seen it capitalized like that before. These look delish, I’m trying them tomorrow.

    • balancedbites

      I wrote this a long time ago- will get around to updates on it soon!

  • TessyR

    Need a new picture, the pancakes look burnt and tough. They sound good though.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/burpeeseverywhere SuSu

    I’ve been wanting some sweet potato pancakes, but savory, not sweet. I couldn’t really find any paleo savory ones, so I used your recipe and subbed out all your spices for 2 Tbsp homemade taco seasoning (1/2 T chili powder, 3/8 T cumin, 3/8 T paprika, 1/4 T onion powder, 1/4 T garlic powder, 1/2 t oregano, 1/8 t red pepper flakes, 1/8 t sea or pink salt). I used ghee to cook them in and they were incredible and just what I was wanting. Absolutely delicious.

  • Susan Helfeld

    Can the batter be made ahead of time & cook them later in the day?

  • Michelle

    Is there an egg-less way to make these? They are listed on the Autoimmune meal plan in Practical Paleo (which is all egg-less recipes) and I couldn’t find a substitution in the book. I’m desperate for grain-free, egg-free, nut-free, dairy-free recipes for my toddler and if there is a way to make these without eggs they would be great! Looking through the Autoimmune meal plans, this was the only recipe that caught my eye as something she might enjoy. Thank you.

    • http://www.balancedbites.com Diane Sanfilippo

      You could try the 1 tbsp ground flax with warm water per egg trick. Google around on some vegan sites for this method… let me know if it works for you!

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  • TessyR

    Need a new picture, the pancakes look burnt and tough. They sound good though.

  • balancedbites

    Ha yeah this is SO old! :) Thanks for the reminder!