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  • Michelle @ Find Your Balance

    I think it would be easy enough to go gluten free at this point. But I never would have said that a few years ago, before I learned how to cook a more varied, healthy diet! Geesh, I would have run for the hills!

  • Liz Holman

    loving your work

  • Diane

    @Liz- THANKS! :)

  • Diane


    Isn't that the truth! Learning how to navigate and how to cook is so essential. I think that's why health coaches / holistic nutritionists like ourselves are so important in helping people through the changes. I remember back when I said I'd never stop eating bread, grains, "insert food I don't eat anymore here." Boy, I've turned around and feel amazing as a result!

    What's been the biggest change you've felt, Michelle? :)

  • lydia

    Great great post!! This is crucial info here!! I have a post in draft somewhat similar to this, I'll be sure to link to yours when I get it up!!

    I went gluten free this spring and I feel a TON better, no more bloating and gas and way less overall inflammation. It was really hard to get my Dr. to test me and all he could do was a blood test. Gluten allergy may not show up in the blood until it is full blown celiac and a lot of damage is done that could have been avoided had there been a) more education on this very thing to the medical community and, b) better forms of testing.
    There was an awesome show on Underground Wellness recently that talked about all of this, I forget who it was but it was a guy and very recent – absolutely excellent show!! That could be helpful to share with people too!!

    Thanks for this post!! Peace…….

  • lydia
  • Val Whiting

    Awesome stuff. Will be sharing this for sure and now a regular reader.

  • Griffin

    Thank you for your research and references, Diane. I learned about the effects of gluten from The Blood Type Diet. Gluten is hidden in a lot of foods and one must be very diligent in making sure to stay away from this body wrecker. Just imagine how many people would drink from the well of stellar health if they eliminate this element from their diet? Priceless.

  • Me and Jorge – Amber

    Diane – this is a great post! I got to meet Mark Sisson at a conference with Jorge Cruise. All of this has changed my life and Ive lost 53 lbs. Plus I just feel so much better. Thanks for the great info!

  • Michelle

    This is a great article! I'm just now finally refining work on my digestive system, and man, it's crazy what goes on in there! I agree, though, that learning how to cook other things is key… eating great tasting foods helps you feel less "loss" at removing stuff that's not really good for you. It might take a while, but after a bit you just get used to eating differently… and when you do indulge in "bad" stuff you really feel it!

  • Jos

    Hi Diane,

    I have a question. My brother has been having digestion issue (no appetite to eat/nausea) during certain time (lunch mostly). Our diet are mainly Asian food (white rice, veggies, meat etc) – The thing about Asian is, he can't feel fully satisfied if he doesn't eat rice. So recently I've been trying to soak the rice at least 8 hour or overnight prior cooking. I'm thinking to switch his diet toward primal (no grains,gluten and soy) but not sure if it's the right approach.

    Thanks and sorry for the long comment.

  • Diane @ Balanced Bites

    @Jos- I would have him make the switch and be sure to add in plenty of good fats to take the place of the rice calorie-wise. "Needing" rice isn't really something that makes sense from a biochemistry point of view. The body doesn't "need" rice. It needs nutrients. I would give it a try but realize it does take time to adjust. Ensure he gets plenty of protein, veggies and good fats.

  • Joe

    the video is no longer available due to the youtube uploader whom closed his account.

  • Discover The Paleo Diet – Lose Weight And Get Strong With Alexander Becker

    Hi!I enjoyed this posting and also shared it with my fans on facebook!Thank you!

  • Discover The Paleo Diet – Lose Weight And Get Strong With Alexander Becker

    Hi! I enjoyed this posting and also shared it with my fans on facebook! Thank you!

  • Karen Lowrance

    Hi, I have a few questions. What about food combining? I started eating fruit only by itself a couple years ago as well as not eating any meat protein with any starches. And a couple years before that, I went gluten free. All of this has helped me, but it’s not the whole story because I still don’t feel “normal” and energetic. Until learning about paleo recently, I was eating a lot of grains! I see some of the recipes combine foods the “wrong” way and you say to eat fruit as a dessert if you eat it along with the meal. Which brings me to another question – what about fruit? What can I eat? What do I need to stay away from? I was eating a lot of fruit, especially apples and bananas. What about dried fruit like goji berries? Can I eat those with cacao nibs? Or raisins with pecans and walnuts? I really love these combinations but havent had them in awhile because of the food combining thing. Sorry to make this so long, but this is so new to me, but most of what’s in the book makes sense to me and I want to jump in and do it! Thank you!

    • Debbie Arnett

      Karen I know this post is old but I have the exact same questions. Did you receive a response?

      • balancedbites

        Hi there- sorry I must have missed this comment a while back…

        I think fruit should be limited but it really all depends. There isn’t one serving or portion size or quantity that’s right for everyone. I don’t see many issues with combining foods, but if you find that doing this makes you over-indulge, then maybe steer clear.

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  • Narcissa Daytz

    I’ve grown up with such a large variety of these issues all of my life. I’m now turning 40 and have had so many allergies and sensitivities since birth. Between the asthma, eczema, hyper and hypo thyroid, severe abdominal pain and bloating, it seems like this IS the issue. Through the years of allergy testing I show positive for wheat but yet as we recently haves checked me for Celiac disease it came back negative. I don’t know what to do! Feeling a bit lost and confused.