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  • Maria

    Great tips! I love them all!

  • Anonymous

    What about food combining? I've been told fruit should always be eaten alone and that protein and carbs should not be eaten together. It seems the body produces different enzymes to assimilate and absorb these types of food. I know for example I get nasty bloating and gas if I try to have a fruit and greens salad or smoothie, but eating either of them alone seems fine. Any thoughts?

  • teethy

    Herbs and sauerkraut. go longer.

    • Donna Adans

      Caraway Seeds and Gin

  • Carolyn

    I need to use my dehydrator more often – it is so easy and doesn’t take much thought. This way I can take my organic apple and dehydrate it to make a quick, easy, great tasting snack on the go. Probably way more affordable than buying dried foods with the added benefit of knowing where the ingredients came from.

  • Sheila

    Hi! I’m still so new to this, and have your book, so am sorry if this is already covered and I missed it. I know in the book you talk about full fat, organic dairy if you have it at all, but I’m surprised by the suggestion to have cheese with fruit here. (I’ll be so happy if you say yes because I LOVE cheese.) I just thought the emphasis was to avoid dairy if possible.

    I’m also confused by the last tip, because I was under the impression you said whole grains are bad for you? Again – still so new to this, so would really appreciate the help. And congrats on your book doing so well!

    • admin

      I wrote this post several years ago and my stance on a lot of things has changed, but I don’t delete old posts because it shows my (pun intended) evolution of thought process. Be sure to notice dates on posts…

      Most of these are probably still valid rules- but I cover more detail in the book on cheese and who it’s okay for or not possibly- which varies a lot. And quality matters A LOT.