July Event Updates: Off-the-Grid (MovNat), The Next 21-Day Sugar Detox, Atlanta Seminar & Office Hours

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Just a quick post of a few announcements.

1. I’ll be off-the-grid at MovNat for the upcoming week, July 4-9th.

So, if you’re wondering why I’m quiet on Facebook, Twitter and email, that’s why. Have no fear, however, as when I return I’ll be sharing info about my experience and be back to some more regular blogging and educating as I’ve queued up a bunch of topics on which I want to write! Not sure what MovNat is? Check out my recent post about the workshop here.

2. The next 21-Day Sugar Detox group is set to start on July 11th!

I know some of you are eager to get going and have either already started or want to start July 5th, but since I’ll be off-the-grid and not here to support you again until after I’m back, I am making the official start-date July 11th. Check out The 21-Day Sugar Detox site for info on what’s included and to read a bunch of testimonials from participants. You can also come join us over on the Facebook page or follow my 21-Day Sugar Detox tweets anytime. The (recently updated!) manual and supplement guide are only $21 and you can participate as many times as you like once you have them.

3. Saturday, July 16th I’ll be in Symrna, GA (Atlanta Area) teaching an all-day seminar on nutrition.

Come join us! Some spaces are still available. The seminar has recently been expanded from a 4-hour to a full-day event. We’ll cover all of the previous information plus an additional three hours or content, Q&A and practical application. As a participant, you will bring a 3-day diet record with you for review based on protocols we discuss in the seminar. This is “where the rubber hits the road,” as Robb Wolf would say, in terms of making a Paleo diet work for your unique situation, body, training, lifestyle, goals, etc. You can get more info on the seminar and purchase tickets by¬†clicking here. It’s sure to be a fun time and, don’t worry, you’ll be in an air-conditioned room! If you’re coming to the seminar, don’t forget to download your food log form here.

4. Tuesday, July 26 & Saturday, July 30: Next Nutrition Coaching Open Hours

These times are for San Francisco CrossFit members. If you are a member, check out this post for more information. I’ll be available from 5:30-6:30pm on Tuesday, July 26th so you can come chat with me after the 5pm or before the 6pm class (before you head home to make dinner!) as well as 9:30-10:30am on Saturday, July 30th between the morning classes. As always, you can check the schedule on the SFCF website for when I’ll be around.

I’ve got more big, exciting news to share later, but that’s all for now!


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