Meet the team: Charissa Talbot – Communications Coordinator & The 21-Day Sugar Detox Lead Moderator

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I’m thrilled to announce a new member of the Balanced Bites team: Charissa Talbot. I welcome Charissa as the Communications Coordinator and look forward to the help she’ll provide to all of you through her passion for nutrition, health and fitness. Keep your eyes peeled on Facebook and around the web and say hi when you see her sign a post – she’s there to help you out and will do her best to share information to help you on your own healthy journey.

A little bit about me

My name is Charissa Talbot; I am a proud mother of two furry four legged children and a fitness trainer. My passion for health and fitness has evolved past just being a trainer and I am currently studying Holistic Health Care at The Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work for Diane and help others find their own path to complete wellness. (Insert happy dance here!)

My Path to Paleo

I use to live for KFC, pizza, bagels and Kraft Mac & Cheese. I did not step foot into a gym until I was 27, well something stuck because later that year I quit smoking and became a personal trainer. I received 200 hours of nutrition education and thought I knew it all. I recommend and followed a diet of lean meats, brown rice, low fat yogurt, veggies, fruit, and healthy whole grains. I thought I was healthy but I did not feel healthy, so began my run of diets. Jillian Michaels’ meal plan, The Kind Diet, low fat Diets, Clean Food diets, and I even did the Master Cleanse. I counted calories, weighed my food, ate 6 meals per day and became more obsessed with all things health and fitness.

One day the owner of the gym I worked for pulled his trainers and a few regular clients out back and had us do a strange workout. At the time I had no idea I was doing Crossfit. I have to thank him for that, because of that workout I found my way into a Crossfit gym and shortly after I found myself sitting in a Balanced Bites seminar. That is when I had my Ah Ha moment.

What Paleo has done for me

Before Paleo I had to sleep sitting up because of heartburn, I had painful gas, my digestive system was all messed up and my menstrual cycle was all over the place. I also suffered from bouts of depression and anxiety; I would even have the occasional anxiety attack. After just 30 days of Paleo everything changed. I have not taken a heartburn or gas-x pill in over a year and my menstrual cycle is normal. I have not suffered from depression or anxiety in over a year. On top of that I have never felt better about myself, about my life, and I now feel as healthy as I am.



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