Meet the team: Courtney Locklear – Content Coordinator

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I’m thrilled to announce the newest member of the Balanced Bites team: Courtney Locklear. I welcome Courtney as a Content Coordinator and can’t wait for you all to learn tons from the information she’ll be writing about as part of the team. Courtney is fighting the good fight while in school to earn her MPH-RD degree (that’s right, she’s a Paleo-oriented Registered Dietitian student!) and is excited to join us in helping you find optimal health through eating real, whole, nutrient-dense foods. Keep an eye out for posts from Courtney in the coming weeks – we’ve got some great work together a-brewin’! -Diane

Courtney Locklear

Content Coordinator

Graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill
MPH-RD Candidate 2013
ACSM Health Fitness Specialist 

Health, nutrition, and fitness were not always on my radar; one could probably argue that that radar was totally busted, in fact. Raised in a traditional Southern setting, I was surrounded by the elements that created what some might call the ‘perfect storm’ for unhealthy living. Deep fried foods, drive-thru meals, and watching plenty of television were a part of my daily life. I constantly struggled with weight, acne breakouts, and insomnia.

All of that changed one day, at the beginning of my college career, where my undergraduate education in Exercise Science spurred my curiosity and enthusiasm for the inner workings of the human body. My focus at that time was more toward exercise, but my personal and professional experiences have made me realize more and more how absolutely essential good nutrition is for everyone. I have worked as a personal trainer and have witnessed first hand the emphasis people place on exercise, while neglecting their diet and sleep habits.

I was first exposed to the Paleo diet several years ago, at a CrossFit gym in my hometown. My understanding of it was minute, but I have since educated myself on its true meaning of eating wholesome, healing foods, along with the optimal lifestyle habits, that give our bodies what we need.

Today, I’m a graduate student fighting the good fight toward becoming a registered dietitian in order to educate and help others change their lives. I also consider myself to be a pretty big nerd when it comes to anything related to physiology, science, and nutrition. I’m hoping to bring some great things to the Balanced Bites team, while undoubtedly gaining invaluable knowledge along the way. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of this!


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