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Meet the team: Liz Wolfe – Balanced Bites Partner & Nutritionist

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I’m thrilled to announce the newest member of the Balanced Bites team: Liz Wolfe.

Many of you already know Liz: she’s my Balanced Bites Podcast co-host, a board-certified Nutritional Therapist, and – in her spare time – the smart, irreverent, witty mind behind the popular Cave Girl Eats blog. Liz will be joining me in teaching the Balanced Bites Seminars – so be sure to check the schedule for an event near you!

I couldn’t be more pleased to have Liz as my partner in making the “why” and “how” of Real Food, digestive wellness, hormonal health and a balanced lifestyle accessible for all. We’re incredibly excited to continue integrating Paleo-oriented ideas with Weston A. Price and “traditional foods” principles. Keep your eyes peeled for more information on optimizing health from this perspective – including the most nutrient-dense “ancestral superfoods” and where to find them  –  right here on the Balanced Bites blog!

– Diane

Liz Wolfe

Liz WolfeBalanced Bites Partner, NTP
Board Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
Member: Weston A. Price Foundation

Practice & Certifications

Liz is a board-certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. As a holistic nutrition professional, she evaluates digestive wellness, hormonal balance, nutrient sufficiency, and a host of other pieces to the puzzle of  fitness and well-being. Liz supports the health of her clients by integrating “Paleo” and “Primal” ideas with the wisdom of the Ancestral Health movement and the Weston A. Price Foundation.

Liz advises both individuals, businesses and non-profits regarding good nutrition, and has been a featured “nutrition expert” in OK! Magazine. She is an ambassador to Steve’s Club National Program, a 501 (c) (3) organization dedicated to providing athletic training and mentorshop to at-risk youth. Liz is also a writer, both in the “blogosphere” and in print: she has a regular column in Paleo Magazine and writes the CaveGirlEats blog.

Additional Education

University of Kansas, Literature and American Studies
Paleolithic Solution Seminar – Robb Wolf, March 2010
Adrenal Physiology and the Stress Response: Cause or Effect – Loren Marks, DC, DACBN
Thyroid Function: A Holistic Approach – David Brownstein, MD
Autoimmunity: Advanced Concepts and Molecular Mechanisms in Nutritional Immunomodulation – Alex Vasquez, DC, ND, DO
Diabetes Mellitus, Insulin Resistance and the Paradox of Obesity Caused by Nutritional Deficiency – Alex Vasquez, DC, ND, DO
New Concepts in Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Cardiovascular Health – Mark Houston, MD, MSc

To book a consult with Liz, click here and select your consultation option. Upon payment, you’ll be taken to her online portal.

Read more from Liz on her blog, Cave Girl Eatshere.


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