Monday Motivation: If you don’t like it, change it.

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I've written about this concept before in my Nothing Changes if You Change Nothing post, but today I have a bit of a different message for you.

Is there something going on in your life that you wish could be different?

MM_Change_defI'm always asking you those big, life-changing, scary questions. I know. Sometimes I feel like this is the even more fun part of reaching out to you all than even teaching you about nutrition and health.

Maybe you are waiting for the perfect moment when everything is “right” so that you can make that change.

Maybe you've been telling yourself that now isn't the right time to make a change, because of situation X, Y, or Z.

Maybe you aren't sure that a change you make will actually lead to the desired result.

Maybe you're worried that you won't make it to your goal, so the idea of even making a change to get started it completely freaks you out.

Stop worrying. Worry is a product of living in the future.

While it's important to always keep an eye to the future (of course we do this even more so when we have a family, kids, etc.), it's most important to focus on what is happening today.

Today – what we do today –  is what will affect the future most, not thinking or worrying about the future.

Some pray or set positive intentions for change. Others simply work hard on a path to change. 

Whatever path you choose, choose something. Sitting still in the moment may be helpful when you aren't sure what you even want out of your life. But, when you know what you want, don't sit paralyzed. Make some kind of change – big or small – to see what may happen next.

Stop complaining.

No one around you wants to hear you complain. Sure, your friends are there to listen or provide a shoulder for you to cry on now and then. You're human, and that's perfectly normal. But are you just complaining over and over without doing anything about it?

Your friends may not be the ones who want to tell you that they're tired if hearing it, or don't know what else they can tell you. So I'll do it. Listen to yourself next time you're talking to (or texting) your friends – are you informing them of what's going on in your life and asking for their support? Or are you just venting and complaining? Again, we all need to do the venting and complaining now and then, but realize when the time comes to snap out of it and just make an action plan.

You realize that you can't do the same things over and over and expect a different outcome, right? Make a change – at least one – and then see how things move from there.

Want some ideas?

Based on the questions I get all the time, as well as some things going on in my own life these days, where's what I've got for you today:

  • Have you been following a Paleo style diet or maybe you've been eating better than you were before, but you still aren't seeing the results you expect? Maybe there are changes to your food choices you haven't been ready to make, but you want a different outcome.
  • Afraid of making a fool of yourself in a new exercise class? Don't be! Everyone in that class was once a beginner – just like you. Find a gym where there are people who acknowledge this fact, and where they welcome you with excitement.
  • Afraid to leave your job because you need the income? I'll direct you here, here, and here.


Have you made a change that has taken you in a fantastic new direction in life? What about a change that wasn't the best move, but at least maybe re-directed your life?  

Tell me about it in the comments below.


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