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Just a quick announcement to let you all know about a great new publication out there, Paleo Magazine! I am a contributing author, so be sure to check out exclusive articles by subscribing or finding issues on a newsstand near you.

An excerpt from my article in the latest issue:

The Modern Summer BBQ: A Neolithic Minefield With Awesome Paleo Potential.

The Modern Summer BBQ: A Neolithic Minefield.

If your summer BBQs are anything like the ones I grew up attending, the spread of food options largely includes the following: hot dogs and hamburgers served on fluffy white rolls (whole grain rolls for the “health conscious”), coleslaw, potato salad, potato chips, tortilla chips (often with day-glo orange cheese-flavored powdery stuff on them), cookies, brownies and sodas galore.

If you have your paleo glasses on while you peruse that picnic table, you may actually see what amounts to  a minefield of modern food-like marvels. Who are we kidding? You always have those glasses on, don’t you? You spot only a few whole foods: the grain-fed meat (though questionably sourced) and perhaps the cabbage and potatoes that are hiding under the gobs of creamy-looking dressing. The table is otherwise over-taken by refined grain products, processed and refined vegetable oils1 and corn syrup-loaded beverages – you know, for the kids!

Read more by grabbing your copy of Paleo Magazine today!

Stay tuned for my article in the September issue of Paleo Magazine when I’ll bust some of the myths around the nutritional value of a Paleo diet vs the USDA’s recommended daily diet for kids!

  • Adrienne | Experience Life Fully

    Hey Diane,

    Congrats, this looks awesome! I just wanted to let you know the link to Paleo Magazine doesn’t work. It takes me to a 404 page.

    Also, do you know if this magazine will be available by Kindle or iPad?

    • admin

      Thanks- fixed! I don’t know about other ways of reading it- ask via their website…

  • Claudia

    Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the posts and the Paleo Magazine collaboration. I was hoping you would get into an important subject for me… my friend and me are raising our toddlers paleo/primal. My daughter is more primal since she drinks cow’s milk but my friend’s daughter doesn’t, she is lactose intolerant. We are concerned about calcium intake at their age. What other sources of calcium can we resort to besides milk and dairy products? Will appreciate your thoughts on this matter.

    • admin

      Great question- I actually cover this exact topic in my next article for the magazine’s September issue!! Be sure to check it out. The short story is, however, that green vegetables have plenty of calcium for growing kids- and that the important part is that the vitamin and mineral cofactors are existant and in the absence of phytates to bind to minerals to make them abundant for absorption. Check out that article in September! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re on the right track! I hope the milk your friend feeds is raw as pasteurized milk is a dead food. You couldn’t pay me to feed it to my kid (if I ever have one!).

    • Claudia

      Thanks Diane.

  • Sage

    Off subject, but I was wondering what your take on rotisserie chicken is? I have read some conflicting things about safety, etc. Thank you!

    • admin

      I would be VERY careful to read the ingredients and even ask the store about them if possible. There is often hidden gluten or other additives. I have recently seen a lot of Whole Foods chickens with literally only ingredients of “salt & pepper” or just seasonings. Always consider the source. My mom brought one home when I was staying with them a couple of weeks ago and I read the ingredients- they were horrific.

  • Sally Anne @ PaleoRunnerGirl

    Oh wow! That magazine looks AWESOME. I cannot wait to snatch up a copy! Your article looks amazing!!!!

    • admin

      Thanks! And my article in the September issues will be awesome too! Definitely subscribe!

  • Susan@PrimalRecipe

    OOOOOOOOOOh, I am looking forward to getting this! And glad to see you are a part of it!

  • Primal Toad

    Did you receive yours in the mail yet? I am waiting impatiently as I am a contributor for this issue! I happy contributed the smoothie article as well as 2 smoothie recipes.

    Where are you paleo magazine?!