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Just a quick announcement to let you all know about a great new publication out there, Paleo Magazine! I am a contributing author, so be sure to check out exclusive articles by subscribing or finding issues on a newsstand near you.

An excerpt from my article in the latest issue:

The Modern Summer BBQ: A Neolithic Minefield With Awesome Paleo Potential.

The Modern Summer BBQ: A Neolithic Minefield.

If your summer BBQs are anything like the ones I grew up attending, the spread of food options largely includes the following: hot dogs and hamburgers served on fluffy white rolls (whole grain rolls for the “health conscious”), coleslaw, potato salad, potato chips, tortilla chips (often with day-glo orange cheese-flavored powdery stuff on them), cookies, brownies and sodas galore.

If you have your paleo glasses on while you peruse that picnic table, you may actually see what amounts to  a minefield of modern food-like marvels. Who are we kidding? You always have those glasses on, don’t you? You spot only a few whole foods: the grain-fed meat (though questionably sourced) and perhaps the cabbage and potatoes that are hiding under the gobs of creamy-looking dressing. The table is otherwise over-taken by refined grain products, processed and refined vegetable oils1 and corn syrup-loaded beverages – you know, for the kids!

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Stay tuned for my article in the September issue of Paleo Magazine when I’ll bust some of the myths around the nutritional value of a Paleo diet vs the USDA’s recommended daily diet for kids!


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