Paleo recipes for autoimmunity

Paleo Recipes for Autoimmune Conditions

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Since the release of Practical Paleo, the response to the section on eating for autoimmune conditions has been overwhelming. By popular demand, I am developing a downloadable cookbook with brand new autoimmune-friendly recipes, more meal plans, and tips for following this difficult way of healing your body through food. We asked you to tell us what type of recipes you’d like to see and over 600 of you responded! We were so excited for all the feedback, and the e-cookbook is almost ready!

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  • Sausage, Apple & Fennel Hash – great for breakfast
  • Tuna Waldorf Salad – an easy and healthy lunch for on the go
  • Jam Thumbprint Cookies – a grain, nut, dairy, egg-free take on this old fashioned favorite

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