Podcast Episode #69: Talking Nutrient Synergy with Dr. Chris Masterjohn!

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Episode #69: Talking Nutrient Synergy with Dr. Chris Masterjohn!



00:00 — Introducing Diane, Liz, and the Show (Diane and Liz chit chat)
02:30 — Introducing Nutrient Synergy and Me
04:40 — Oops the mute button was on!
05:30 — My Background/Story
09:12 — What I Ate Before and After My Recover From Vegetarianism
13:00 — Even Chris Masterjohn Was Once Afraid of Cholesterol
13:30 — Plugging My Stuff
14:59 — Synergy Question 1: Why B12 Supplements, Especially Cyanocobalamin, Can’t Replace Animal Foods (And why we want bones and skin in there too!)
21:12 — The Nose-to-Tail Experience: The Synergy Between Frugality, Ecological Consciousness, Humane Treatment of Animals, and Health (you mean that skinless boneless chicken breast is supposed to have a chicken attached to it?)
24:20 — Synergy Question 2: Is Liver Toxic? Synergy Between Vitamins A, D, and K
34:42 — Could the Vitamin D Craze Be Causing Problems? (Yes!)
37:30 — What Happens When “Too Much” Is a Lower Dose Than “Enough”?!
40:31 — Cod Liver Oil
44:57 — Synergy Question 2: Arachidonic Acid and DHA, Harms of Too Much EPA
48:25 — Foods for Preventing Flu, Then Goodbye!


Chris’s website: Cholesterol and Health
Chris’s blog: The Daily Lipid

Chris’s Special Reports:
Cholesterol-And-Health.Com Special Reports will feature in-depth coverage of the following critical concepts:

  • The requirement for essential fatty acids is at least eight times lower than you’ve been told, and even modest excesses can be harmful.
  • Crucifers — friend or foe?
  • Your most potent weapon against heart disease may be a long-ignored and thoroughly misunderstood vitamin found in the foods in which you would least expect it!
  • Iron — oxidant or antioxidant?
  • Myths and truths about nutrient density and the critical importance of animal foods.
  • The truth about beta-carotene as a source of vitamin A: the nefarious effects in ferrets of dangerous beta-carotene supplements, the virtues of virgin palm oil, and the low-down on liver.

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