Podcast Episode #71: Mark Sisson Talks The Primal Connection!

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Mark_Large_Publicity_Web1. 03:20 — Introducing Mark and his purpose
2. 04:45 — Mark's mission, history, and inspiration for The Primal Connection
3. 07:25 — What is it about our hunter-gatherer ancestors that we are missing to find happiness?
4. 09:33 — The inner dialog connection and how it affects your life and overall happiness.
5. 11:45 — Why hunter-gatherers can't wallow, but must move on.
6. 12:45 — Why we aren't wired to have a lot of stuff and the currency of tribal humans who experience affluence – why sitting around “doing nothing” is valuable.
7. 15:20 — Why we aren't meant to wake up and hate what we're about to go do for the day.
8. 19:30 — What it's like working in Mark's offices.
9. 23:30 — What science shows about being barefoot and bipedal.
10. 25:45 — Posture and whether Mark was sitting, standing, or walking during our interview.
11. 28:20 — Squatting and how we should be able to move.
12. 30:00 — Mark talks squatting and pooping.
13. 31:00 — Why vaginal childbirth is so critical to health.
14. 33:30 — The concept of attachment to outcomes and moving on.
15. 37:15 — Mindset and the high school star athlete.
16. 38:25 — Connecting hunter-gatherer mindset to positivity in modern life – The Primal Connection.
17. 39:50 — Finding the blessing in a less-than-positive situation.
18. 41:38 — Worry and how it brings on depression – appreciating what we have.
19. 43:30 — Why sex feels good… and scarcity and abundance of food, sex, drugs, etc.
20. 44:45 — Where to get started with The Primal Connection.
21. 48:40 — How many close connections we can maintain – our “fire circle.”



Mark's website: Mark's Daily Apple

Mark's books (2 of many!):
The Primal Connection
The Primal Blueprint

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Diane & Liz


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Comments 98

  1. Great giveaway!! One thing I’ve recently incorporated into my lifestyle is darkness or candlelight only when the sun goes down as often as possible. I make it a point to stay away from screens after 7pm or so. I am enjoying these comments.

  2. I walk more than a mile to town for shopping at least five days a week. I usually meet friends and acquaintances on the way or in shops then stop for a chat and make connections stronger. I get the benefits of fresh air, sunshine (although not so often here in England), exercise and contact with friends. Sometimes my rucksack gets quite heavy with meat, vegetables, fruit, tinned mackerel and milk for my wife.

  3. I spend time each morning looking out over the river that runs by my apartment, watching the birds, ducks, and geese. I also like to walk on the nature trails nearby.

  4. Trying to get sunlight or at least fresh air every day helps me! Your comments about “letting go of the outcome” really hit home! Lots of great stuff to think about and strive for! Thanks!

  5. Prioritizing natural, unprocessed food, more sleep & sitting in the sun/moving around outdoors even if it is just puttering around

  6. This was such a great podcast. I just created a makeshift standup desk using a box. One thing I do to stay connected is to run on the beach with my good friend. We wear these things called sand socks which allow us to not have to wear shoes while running on the sand.

  7. AMAZING podcast. The three of you together makes for an informative but fun hour. Thank you so much. Needed Mark’s advice and outlook on life. Started his book today. Thanks again! Great podcast! Can’t wait for next week!

  8. I had tried going barefoot all day, but am now plagued with Morton’s neuroma on both feet – a bad pair of shoes or two, after all that freedom. Anyway, I do like to move around by foot, so I hope this problem subsides…

  9. Unplugging from electronics and getting down on the floor and really playing with my kids 🙂 I feel like
    lot of “us” parent by distraction. It’s an activity of being Present and letting your children know you’re really there for them. If we show our kids that we can’t be there for all the Little things, they won’t trust us with the Big things.

  10. Thanks to you ladies and to Mark for a fantastic episode! So inspiring.

    I would be thrilled to receive a copy of Mark’s book, given his keen insight into our human needs, especially for connecting authentically with our environment. I already get out in nature for walks as much as I am able, walk barefoot in my apartment, commune with animals whenever possible (dog park!), turn down the lights after 8 pm, express appreciation for and to the people in my life for the light they bring to the world, and count my blessings everyday. I also spend only as much time “plugged in” as is absolutely necessary, since it seems to exacerbate my adrenal problems/brain fog. Viva la vida natural!

  11. I try to walk as much as possible (in my Vibrams!) instead of taking transportation. It’s only 30 minutes to walk to work, and it’s the perfect way to start & end my work day. I made an exception this week – since it was -5 with wind chill out.

  12. Love you Liz and Diane, and a massive thank you for interviewing Mark, he’s amazing! I try my absolute hardest to stay primal, and it can be really tough, as a student. I walk around barefoot EVERYWHERE to the point where I have to be reminded to put shoes on (where my Vibrams are slipped on), and if I’m not studying I’ll be found in the kitchen tossing together some meat fried in tallow or coconut oil (I looove that stuff!) or stirring a pot of bone broth. And I always make sure I spend some of my day having some play time, which nourishes my life miraculously. 🙂

  13. For me, primal living starts with an informed understanding of the wonder of nature. I like to lie outside in the woods on a boulder and soak in my surroundings.

  14. Great podcast, as always!

    The biggest Primal changes I’ve made (aside from food) have to do with light and sleep hygiene – I’ve stopped wearing sunscreen unless I’m going to be outside in the sun ALL day (as a melanoma survivor, this was a scary step!), I use a natural light on gloomy mornings to “wake up”, turn off all electronic media at least an hour before bed, and took all the nightlights out of the bedroom (still have a green-light clock radio, but it’s turned away). For the first time in my life, I wake up without an alarm at around the same time every day, and I rarely wake up groggy anymore.

  15. Hi just listened to this interview. I ve been listening to all of Marks interviews on the internets since his book launched – this one was the best!! Your questions, follow ups and comments elicted wonderful nuggets of info and wisdom from Mark.

  16. Right now I’m working on the daily rhythm bit – limiting technology usage and following more closely my natural circadian rhythms. It’s a challenge, to say the least, when you’ve got two kids, work and go to school, but day by day I am feeling better and better.

  17. I think I’m mostly on top of nourishing my body with real food. I need to work on a lot of the other bits. Love to read more. Thanks.

  18. I slow down and take time to be with my kids. I enjoy the company of all my friends at least once a week. Eating primal has helped my consciousnesses and my body. I am eager to learn more on how to apply primal living into my whole life.

  19. My Primal Connection is being outdoors as much as possible. I’m a birder, so I hike frequently. And I have a good size garden that I spend a lot of time on.

  20. Being a lawyer in NYC, it’s hard to make a daily Primal connection with the world around you. I try to primarily focus on the diet.

  21. I made myself a stand-up desk because sitting is just plain boring. I feel so much more alive and productive when I can pace and not just lean back in my rolly chair. I also like to through in random sets of push-ups – sometimes while on the phone – just to break up the day.

  22. Very interesting show today. My focus for this year is “quality not quantity.” I started with nutrition and a 21 Day Sugar Detox and am learning more about the Paleo diet from Diane’s book. I’ve also returned to writing in my gratitude journal and am making the effort to improve my sleep. Mark’s book sounds like it is going to be next on my list to read. Thanks for all that you do!

  23. It is tough to be primal in a world that’s in denial, but each day I try to find my way to a little wooded area and connect with nature (so long as its not too wet outside (I live in England, land of rain), but my diet is the thing I try hardest to make a primal connection with: lunch tomorrow is sabre salad… Well ok, bacon on salad.

  24. I am so glad you shared this interview with Mark Sisson. I am a huge fan of his and of his books “The Primal Blueprint” and “The Primal Blueprint cookbook”. I am looking forward to reading his latest book as well.
    I make a daily primal connection with the world around me by sharing what I have learned about the primal lifestyle with everyone I come into contact with. I have also made a commitment to get outside everyday, even if it is only for 15 or 20 minutes.

  25. I like to mix things up. It keeps me aware of my moments. Listen to my surroundings while walking, pay attention to the sky, enjoy the beauty of food combinations while cooking, sit, stand, climb stairs, make a little art, read quietly, support my tribe.

  26. I have been trying to be present during my daily walking. It’s easy to get complacent when you walk the same route every day so I’m trying open my eyes and put away the phone!

  27. I am clearly not doing enough right now after listening to the podcast! My main focus has been getting enough sleep. I can’t wait to read the book.

  28. I stand often at work. As often as possible, I have a play session with my dogs. The two boys love to play keep away and tug-of-war with their chew ropes. One of them, a big sheppard mix, growls fiercely during tug-of-war, and seems to like it when I growl back. I know he’s just playing because he’s very careful not to bite me or tug too hard. On the few occasions his teeth have contacted my skin, he’s let go and backed off immediately, rarely even breaking the skin. But, boy does he sound ferocious! I can’t help but laugh.

  29. Eating according to the primal blueprint is a cinch for me. I’m trying to incorporate more movement, heavy lifting, and sprinting. Lots of barefooting too!

  30. This was a great podcast, I appreciate you bringing the concept of the ‘fire circle’ to the conversation. I would love to check out the Primal Connection!

  31. I just strive to be 90/10 or 80/20 in my food, I try to move a little every day, and I attempt to be present in the moment whenever I can.

  32. To connect primally to the world around me, I make a point to get outside every day. Whether that means sitting in the sun (this afternoon), going for a barefoot strider session (this morning), or bundling up for a walk in the frost (last month), I feel more grounded and clear-headed when I’ve made it into the great outdoors.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. The best podcast so far (no, I really love ALL OF THEM). I was listening to this one today TWICE!!! and it made me go on Amazon and order the Primal Connection even though I didn’t want to when it was released. I never really clicked with Mark Sisson’s approach (when I started being into paleo he was kinda the last one I discovered as a resource and probably for that reason I was more hooked with other paleo people) but after listening to this I have to say I was wrong. Can’t wait for the book to arrive!!!! Thanks!

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