Podcast Episode #71: Mark Sisson Talks The Primal Connection!

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Mark_Large_Publicity_Web1. 03:20 — Introducing Mark and his purpose
2. 04:45 — Mark’s mission, history, and inspiration for The Primal Connection
3. 07:25 — What is it about our hunter-gatherer ancestors that we are missing to find happiness?
4. 09:33 — The inner dialog connection and how it affects your life and overall happiness.
5. 11:45 — Why hunter-gatherers can’t wallow, but must move on.
6. 12:45 — Why we aren’t wired to have a lot of stuff and the currency of tribal humans who experience affluence – why sitting around “doing nothing” is valuable.
7. 15:20 — Why we aren’t meant to wake up and hate what we’re about to go do for the day.
8. 19:30 — What it’s like working in Mark’s offices.
9. 23:30 — What science shows about being barefoot and bipedal.
10. 25:45 — Posture and whether Mark was sitting, standing, or walking during our interview.
11. 28:20 — Squatting and how we should be able to move.
12. 30:00 — Mark talks squatting and pooping.
13. 31:00 — Why vaginal childbirth is so critical to health.
14. 33:30 — The concept of attachment to outcomes and moving on.
15. 37:15 — Mindset and the high school star athlete.
16. 38:25 — Connecting hunter-gatherer mindset to positivity in modern life – The Primal Connection.
17. 39:50 — Finding the blessing in a less-than-positive situation.
18. 41:38 — Worry and how it brings on depression – appreciating what we have.
19. 43:30 — Why sex feels good… and scarcity and abundance of food, sex, drugs, etc.
20. 44:45 — Where to get started with The Primal Connection.
21. 48:40 — How many close connections we can maintain – our “fire circle.”



Mark’s website: Mark’s Daily Apple

Mark’s books (2 of many!):
The Primal Connection
The Primal Blueprint

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