Practical Paleo release celebration GIVEAWAY: Paleo Treats

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Updated 8/16/12: This giveaway ended at 8pm Eastern on Monday, August 6th. Three winners have been emailed – please contact us within 48 hours to claim your prize!

In honor of the upcoming release of Practical Paleo and my love for Paleo Treats, I’m giving away Treats to THREE lucky winners!

If you haven’t tried Paleo Treats yet, whoa, you’re missing out! I was not only able to get some tastes of the goodies at The CrossFit Games just a few weeks ago, but I also had the pleasure of meeting the people behind the company. And they. Were. Awesome. Seriously, these are some of the nicest, most amazing people I’ve met who are out there working to make some tasty, grain-free goodies for us all to enjoy when we want something sweet without the wheat. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the rhyme.

Three winners will each get a packaged valued at $62!:

  • 5 Mustang Bars
  • 5 Brownie Bombs
  • 5 Mac Attacks (my personal favorite!)

Wow! That’s a LOT of Paleo Treats. Hopefully the winners will share with friends, because these Treats are way too good not to share the love!

If you don’t already know about Paleo Treats, check out their website and learn what they’re all about. Here’s a little snippet…

“We make delicious Paleo friendly cookies, desserts, and other delectables for people who actually read the ingredient labels. Started in May 2009, we have grown from making batches of cookies in a small kitchen to operating out of a commercial bakery, although we still ship every package ourselves (an excuse to continually sample Paleo Treats.)

We use the finest ingredients we can find, we keep it local as much as possible and while we’re focused on selling “healthy” cookies, if they don’t taste the same or better than their standard equivalent, we won’t make it.

We are based out of Southern California and when we’re not working for Paleo Treats we’re probably sleeping. Or crushing another gym rat workout. Or installing a rainwater catchment system while softly cursing. Or blacksmithing in the garage. Or surfing with friends. Or hiking, preferably in Patagonia. Or gardening in our (of course) totally organic garden. Whatever we’re doing, it’s damn good to be doing it.”

Updated 8/16/12: This giveaway ended at 8pm Eastern on Monday, August 6th. Three winners have been emailed – please contact us within 48 hours to claim your prize!


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Check out “Practical Paleo” on Amazon or Barnes & Noble and tell me why you’re excited to get the book in a store near you next week!

NOTE: To be fair, only one entry is allowed per person, multiple entries will disqualify you.
Three winners will be selected at random on Monday, August 6th at 8pm Eastern time. 

  • Mike F

    Love the contest! Thanks for doing it.

    I’d love to check out Practical Paleo for the comprehensive approach it brings to the paleo diet.


    PS – Those treats looks yummy!

  • Mike Kuhn

    Both liked for a while… Been following your stuff for a while as well, so I can’t wait for the book since it is going to be a nice compendium of your knowledge all in one place

  • Veronica Thomas

    ‘liked’ them both :)

    And I just ordered the book – looking forward to it!

  • http://www.fitfullfree.blogspot.com Molly

    Both pages were already liked on my Facebook! :)
    I’m obviously excited for some drool-worthy recipes but more so, I look forward to reading Practical Paleo for the basic science behind it and the pictures/diagrams so I can more easily explain to my family and friends how eating real food is so beneficial for our health.

  • http://www.lifovation.com Sheila Hansen

    I’m excited to get Practical Paleo because I really need to discover theeeeeee most practical ways to eat healthier. Thank you!

  • Camille

    Done and Done! You are officially liked in my world.

  • Amanda

    I liked both pages. I’m excited about the meal plans in Practical Paleo!

  • Denise Bouchard

    Liked Paleo Treats…A friend gave me a nibble on the brownie bomb..and OMG it was awesome. Already a Balanced Bites fan on FB and always listen to your podcast. I pre-ordered your book and can’t wait to dig in at the beach this weekend. I can’t wait to learn more about digestion and more WAP way of living. Thank you Diane for publishing a book!

  • Kelsey Delaney

    Liked them both. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  • Sue Wiley

    I like both! I’m excited for all the recipes in your book! And the one-page guides to hang up at work so I start eeking my way into my coworkers minds… 😉

  • Tina P

    I’ve already pre-ordered Practical Paleo through Amazon and cannot wait to receive it!! I’m new to the Paleo community – was diagnosed pre-diabetes about a month ago and promptly started reading everything I can get my hands on about improving my diet. I’ve heard Diane talking about her book on Underground Wellness podcast and Living La Vida Low Carb and I’m excited to get my hands on this book that sounds like a great resource for beginners & long-time paleo eaters alike!

  • Carla

    Done and done. Still anxiously awaiting your book!

  • http://www.babyandthegeek.com Gabrielle Munster

    “Liked” both pages! I’m so excited about your new book! It’ll be great to have some tear out stuff to keep in my purse, or well, diaper bag. Can’t wait!! 😀

  • Rachel Kayce

    Ok, I liked both pages!! Congrats on the book release!!

  • vera

    voila, like both of them!

  • http://www.balancedbites.com admin

    ***Gabrielle Munster was the last valid entry in this giveaway. A winner will be announced shortly.***

  • bethanyrx

    liked and liked! my book came in the mail yesterday and i can’t wait to dive in…i’ve already got a few loved ones earmarked for a copy!

  • http://btemom.blogspot.com Stacey

    Liked both on facebook and really hoping your book can help our whole family succeed with a paleo lifestyle.

  • Carie

    Done and done! Thanks so much! Congrats on the book.

  • kirsty breen

    have liked and would love to win x