An inside look at the Skintervention Guide with author Liz Wolfe (of Cave Girl Eats)

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I am beyond thrilled to introduce my amazingly smart teaching and podcasting partner Liz Wolfe’s newest work – her Skintervention Guide. Liz has become one of the leading voices on natural skincare and treatments that work from the inside out. Her experience and depth of knowledge on various causes of – and remedies for – everything from acne and scarring to rosacea and psoriasis (and everything in between!) has helped countless men and women heal their own skincare woes. “Skintervention” takes Liz’s years of research, work, and professional experience and boils it down into a guide that you can use to resolve your own skin health issues AND natural skincare questions – one step at a time. 

This extremely comprehensive guide doesn’t just cover what to put on your skin to help it look better, but also what to do to clean up and improve your health from the inside – so that your skin can be beautifully glowing naturally, as it was intended to be. I have personally followed Liz’s advice and have had amazing improvements in the quality of my own skin, and I continue to recommend every client looking for skincare help to her work and now to this fantastic guide. It’s the best of its kind!

1. Why did you write the Skintervention Guide?

skintervention-liz1I wrote the Skintervention Guide for ME! Honestly, I’ve been through so much with my skin – it’s been across the map with everything from eczema to redness to blemishes and blackheads of all shapes and sizes. I’ve dealt with acne on my forehead, cheeks, jawline and even my neck. I’ve had oily, limp hair that HAD to be washed every single day or it would look like an oil slick had set in. When I changed my diet, I started realizing that the ingredients in my skin care products were as processed as any processed food, and I wondered if attacking my problems from the inside AND the outside could be the solution! With that all in mind, I set out on a mission to heal my skin and ditch all those products at the same time. This guide is the product of years of work and research helping to heal my own skin and change my own life! I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, working on my Master’s in Public Health, but even those credentials can’t compare to my personal drive to research and learn on my own so I can heal my own skin and body – and help others heal theirs.

2. What makes the Skintervention Guide different from other information I’ll find on health and skincare out there?

skintervention-previewConventional wisdom isn’t welcome! The Standard American Diet and the same old products and potions recommended everywhere we look do NOT work with our body’s natural needs. I cover territory that other so-called “solutions” don’t – I cover nutrition (what nutrients we NEED for healthy skin), digestion (how to get those nutrients where they need to go AND what to use on the outside to make for beautiful skin and healthy hair, nails, and teeth. It’s a fully digital guide, so folks get lifetime updates and can access my ongoing research and recommendations through a password-protected online resource guide. With a conventional book, it’d be impossible to offer continual updates without having to publish and purchase a whole new book!

3. What’s your favorite quick and easy tip that someone can use right now, before they even download this huge guide, to get on their way to clearer skin?

I’ve got a few: first, ditch any food that comes in a box, bag or package with a multi-ingredient label! If it requires an ingredients label, it’s not real food. Even if it says “healthy” or “whole” on the packaging. The secret to healthy skin starts with foods our great-grandparents would recognize – whole, unprocessed, unmodified, and unrefined! And never – I mean never – throw away an egg yolk! There are nutrients in egg yolk that our skin desperately needs.

Another tip: chew your food WELL. It can eliminate digestive irritation that can affect the skin. There is a LOT more information, nutrition tips, digestive help and topical solutions from cleansing to toning and exfoliating in my guide – over 200 pages worth!


4. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve come across in your research and experience in working with skin care clients?

For most clients, the problem is internal. This means that they need good food, the right nutrients, and digestion that works perfectly to see long-term change. Then, the right routine becomes icing on the cake. (Not that we’re eating cake!) This is about bringing the body and hormones into harmony, not beating them into submission. With real food and the right routine, change can be gentle, painless, and permanent.

5. What’s your favorite “fun fact” when it comes to skin care?

skintervention-bookThe skin LOVES topical oils! We’re so prone to be afraid of them, but there is absolutely NOTHING more nourishing to the skin. The right oils can help heal scars, combat acne, redness, and rosacea, fight wrinkles, and nourish the skin. The dermatologists whose work I follow admit this fact, but call it “paradoxical” – they just can’t understand it – but I call i common sense! Our skin makes its own oil to protect and nourish itself, and often using oil ON the skin helps regulate oil production. Jojoba oil is a great oil to replace conventional moisturizers! I brought Trina Felber, a skin care expert, on-board for the topical section of the Skintervention Guide to give all the details on the best oils in the world for skin care.

Click here to grab your copy of Liz’s amazing Skintervention Guide and start on your way towards amazingly clearer, smoother skin today!


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  • Hope Heidenreich

    I have already “liked” Cave Girl Eats on FB a while ago. This looks like a wonderful resource that my daughter would really benefit from. She is so beautiful but her acne is really, really bad :-(

  • Kimberly H

    I’m gradually changing my eating to Paleo. I would love to know more about improving my skin.

  • Jen Scrivani

    I want to win this for my son and for me. He has a mysterious rash (I think maybe dermatitis herpetiformus but not 100% sure) that comes and goes plus eczema and little bumps on his cheeks. I have very sensitive skin and dark circles under my eyes. I want to fix us both!

  • Elaine

    Been LIKED CGE! I love Diane’s Book, it’s helped me with my Paleo ways – always want to learn more – so I would love to have your book as well! You ladies are AWESOME!

  • Jami Lynn McCormack

    I have Liked Liz’s page already! Look forward to this book however it happens!

  • Anna

    I have been a longtime listener of the podcasts and listen each week! I would LOVE to hear more from you. I ‘liked’ you on FB and have shared Balanced Bites with many friends and family! I would LOVE to win this because I currently cannot afford to purchase this skincare guide but struggle with acne/too dry skin all over by body. I am under the care of a dermatologist for it but would much rather find a better, healthier way to solve my skin issues. My skin cracks on my hands and face because it is too dry but I still struggle with acne on my chin and during that time each month. Thanks for all you do!


  • Jessica Bender

    I liked cave girl eats! Would love to win because now in my late 30’s my skin has begun to act up! Not sure what to do next! I need some serious advice. On top of helping me, I would love to help my husband. He has psoriasis and bad acne. He won’t try anything new, but hoping that this book will help point him in the right direction!

  • Laura H

    I liked Cave Girl Eats on FB. I would love to win because I haven’t yet made a jump to natural skin care products. I really need to!

  • Kendra

    I already liked Cave Girl Eats on facebook and am so excited for this book, I’d love to win it! :)

  • Pearl Saydahmat

    Hey There! I have liked her on facebook already, and looking forward to winning this guide!!! Thanks :)

  • eve

    hi liz! i’m a huge fan of your site and have been a for a long time, so naturally i already pressed the like button for your fb :)
    I, though trying my very very hardest to follow a strict primal approach, still suffer from an yet un-diagnosed skin condition that looks to be either eczema or psoriasis, and is most certainly brought on by stress and/or stress eating. I also have major discoloration on my face. started the oil cleansing process from your blog finally a few months ago and it’s absolutely started to help the appearance of my face, but i would love to read more in depth and NERD OUT hard on the book you’ve been working so hard on. oh, and i just bought a new (new old) car so i’m brrrroke and can’t afford to purchase it right now. also, i write freakin’ novels about my desire for this book, apparently….
    thank you for reading through it <3

  • briana

    i have done step 1. i have learned so much from diane & liz that has helped me on my journey toward optimal health including improving my skin. but my skin is not yet fully healed so receiving a copy of this guide could help me take the next steps toward total healing.

  • Janel

    I have liked her page! I could really use help clearing my skin naturally, I’ve been to many doctors, and all have prescribed drugs that effect my hormones! No natural options!! Would love a natural perspective!

  • ali

    I *need* to win ( would really love, love, love to win… :) ) because I am at my wit’s end about what to do regarding my hair and my skin.I finally reached the conclusion that my eczema and hives were being caused by my food allergies but when I finally gave up all the foods I was allergic to, and healed my skin ( I am finally, after 12 years mostly pain free), my hair fell out from lack of nutrients. It’s been a save one ( my skin) at the expense of the other ( my hair) and even my doctors are baffled as what to do next. I am terrified and would love the suggestions. thanks!!

  • Arley

    I want to learn more about eliminating chemicals from my beauty routine! As I have eliminated chemicals from my family’s diet, I realized that the chemicals we put on our bodies are just as bad at the chemicals we were trying not to put in our bodies.

  • Tracy

    I’d love to check out the guide… I have been using Trina’s products for about 6months now… And while it has definitely helped acne and scaring, I still have occasional breakouts and wonder what else I can be doing to help! Thanks!!

  • http://Facebook Sandra

    My husband and I have made a total lifestyle change for ourselves and our family. Our health has greatly improved.We have been under the care of a doctor who follows the paleo lifestyle. He now wants me to change my skincare products to pure ingredients. I have been searching for products that are pure and actually work well. I would love to win for this reason. I have completed the first step. thank you.

  • Daniele P

    I have been looking forward to the release of this book for the past 2 months, and would love to win a copy to help both myself and my teenage son with an all natural skincare routine!

  • Rayna

    I’ve liked your Facebook page and cannot wait to get my hands on this book! I’ve been Paleo for 8 months and have developed a rash on my face around my mouth since going Paleo. I’m currently nearing the end of an elimination diet and the rash has lessened but it’s still there. What gives? Hoping the book will help me solve the mystery.

  • Jeanette

    #1 done (already liked Cave Girl Eats on FB before)
    I’d like a copy of the Skintervention Guide to help me figure out my skin (and hair/nails). Been sailing through adolescence but the skin issues (dry, flakey, red, pimples, blackheads you name it) started in my early 20’s. With my appearance being youthful anyway the skin issues do not help looking my age which can be very annoying at work or other social circumstances.
    I have tried oil cleansing in the past but without succes. As I’m slowly transitioning to paleo/primal/biological appropriate eating and living, I hope the Guide will help me resolving my skin using whole natural ingredients.

  • Martine

    Hey guys, I’ve liked Cavegirl eats on Facebook.

    Cleaning up my skin care regiment seems like a natural extension of adopting a paleo lifestyle. I’m looking forward to learning tips and tricks that will help me wean myself away from all those nasty chemicals found in most commercial products. My skin is dehydrated and tends towards rosacea, so I could really use this guide.

  • Kayla G

    Just liked Cave Girl Eats on Facebook. I have had oily hair since forever. My skin is covered in scars from volleyball and other mishaps. When I was 9 years old, I had a bicycle accident that left me with a scar on my chin about an inch long. The scar is still bright red and I have people asking me all the time “What happened?!” I’m now 23!! I am new to the Paleo lifestyle and LOVING it.

  • http://NA Joe

    hi! I liked cave girl eats because I would like the opportunity to win the skintervention guide! I’ve been on a journey to try and ditch the acne that’s been bothering me for years. I’ve been working at a natural foods store in Portland, OR and eventually decided I needed to change my diet and my topicals. I tried vegan for a while and found my way to paleo. I have been for a couple of weeks now and I’m hoping it works! I would love to gain access to the guide! Thanks so much, Joe

  • Kim

    Liked you on FB! Who doesn’t want beautiful skin? My family & I have some acne woes & I’ve been covering dark circles under my eyes for as long as I can remember!

  • Andra

    I liked the facebook, and I would love to have the guide. Headed down a much improved healthier path and more information will make the transition easier.

  • Rachel

    I liked “Cave Girl Eats” on Facebook. I would love to win the “Skintervention Guide” because I have been struggling with consistent acne for a long while now. I have been doing a lot of different research on how diet/healing the gut can help. It would be great to have access to this wonderful resource!

  • Jess

    I liked Cave Girl Eats on Facebook, and I look forward to getting updates from you in my news feed now!

    I would absolutely love to win The Skintervention Guide because I have been struggling with a number of skin problems since I was a child. I have eczema, sensitive skin and mild acne. Like Liz Wolfe, I recently realized that I’ve been so careful about eating paleo and reducing the number of harmful chemicals that I put in my body, but I haven’t reduced the number of chemicals that I put ON my body. I would love to change that, and would really appreciate reading all of Liz’s tips and tricks to treating these common skin ailments in a natural manner. I’m just starting to do a bunch of research about homemade skin and hair products, and Liz’s book would be a FANTASTIC resource.

  • Lillian

    I liked Cave Girl Eats, which I’m surprised I hadn’t already done, since I love her blog. My skin is much better since I started using coconut oil as a moisturizer, but I’d love to get ideas to make it even better.

  • Laura

    I’ve followed several of Liz’s suggestions about natural deodorant and haircare and have been very impressed with her knowledge… (I liked Cave Girl Eats on FB!)

  • Breanna

    I want to learn how to naturally take care of my skin, without the use of chemicals. I liked cave girl eats!

  • Jackie Limbaugh

    Just liked Cave Girl Eats’ facebook page and have been following Balanced Bites podcast. After I discovered I was gluten intolerance, I’ve been changing my lifestyle and eating habits and came across the paleo lifestyle. Skintervention is another element that I am definitely interested in reading and helping to heal the skin issues I’ve been plagued with for over the past 10 years. Thank you so much for all these great resources!!

  • Jamaise

    I liked on FB. I just listed to her piece at the The Healthy Life Summit – I want more!

  • Lolita

    Just liked Cave Girls Eats fb page. Would love this book for me, but more importantly for my 18yo son who has changed his lifestyle, his diet but still battles skin problems. He has been paleo for several years now, I am so very proud of what he has done to make himself healthy (wish I had as much self-control).

  • Marci

    I have” liked” Cave Girl Eats and would love to enter your contest. I am currently a NTP student and would love to learn more from your book. After reading the reasons for why you wrote Skintervention I realize that I am not alone when it comes to having a hard time with skin issues.

  • Angela mohr

    I’m excited about this guide and have been searching for something like this to answer all my questions on ski care and well being. I have slowly tried to get my family on track but its hard to go chemical free living in America but I feel the more people know about it we could all change and get healthy someday.

  • Jen

    I am already a fan of Cave Girl Eats on Facebook so step 1 is complete! I have now heard about Skintervention from a few different sources and have read nothing but great things and so am very interested in winning this book. I am a mother of two soon to be three and I am always interested in learning new ways to get away from processed foods and products and teach my kids how to better fuel/ nourish their bodies from both inside and outside with the right things. Also I believe my daughter may have psoriasis so it would be hugely beneficial to learn more about that and how to better treat it :) Very excited about your book. Thanks

    • balancedbites

      Thanks, Jen. This post is from over a year ago so the book is still available but the contest has been long over 😉

      • Jen

        Hi. I was wondering about that…shoot…why then did the contest pop up on facebook? Thanks

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        • balancedbites

          Because the post has great content we want to share with people, even if it isn’t a new post this week.

  • Anita

    I “liked” Cave Girl Eats on FB. I would love to win Skintervention. My daughter suffers from acne and I have vitiligo. Hopefully, this will help both of us.

  • Maurissa

    LOVE cave girl eats!

  • Teresa Goller

    Step 1 complete! I have sensitive skin and worry about what I use. Labels are sooooo confusing and I need to learn more about natural and homemade products. Thanks.

  • Karen Flahive

    I have been wanting to clean up all of my skin care products for a while. It’ll be great to get all of the info I need to do it in one book. I am an avid listener of balanced bites and I can’t wait to get this book! Will it be on Amazon soon? Liz you’re so beautiful lady!