Podcast Episode #193: Adrenal fatigue (with a cocktail!), high vitamin D, nuts & acne, and PMS

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Topics: 1. What’s new for you from Diane & Liz [2:14] 2. This week in the Paleosphere: Ginger Newtrition adrenal cocktail [11:59] 3. Shout Out: K9 Angels and Hima of Tin Star Foods Ghee [28:17] Listener Questions 4. Adrenal fatigue and a vegetarian diet [32.03] 5. Potential causes of high vitamin D [38:46] 6. Peanuts and acne breakouts [44:58] 7. …


Podcast Episode #182: Get Fit Faster with Jen Sinkler

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Get Jen’s new program, Lift Weights Faster 2, here! Topics: 1.  What’s new for you from Diane [2:14] 2. Introducing our guest, Jen Sinkler [6:36] 3. Beginner fitness and ways to get started [9:33] 4. Power lifting, and maintaining motivation [19:57] 5. All about intuitive training and rest and recovery [25:26] 6.  Training while recovering from adrenal fatigue [32:25] 7. Weight lifting …


Podcast Episode #46: Adrenal Fatigue Part 3 with Special Guest Dr. Dan Kalish

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Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks!   Some of topics and questions we discussed: Three major types of system stressors Signs & symptoms of adrenal fatigue (for women, and for men) What if we’re not concerned with fertility/reproduction? Exercise and adrenal fatigue Caffeine and adrenal fatigue Common issues and lifestyle modifications …

Balanced Bites Podcast

Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #15: Adrenal Fatigue, Part 1

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Episode #15 – Adrenal Fatigue, Part 1 Don’t miss Part 2 and Part 3 (with Dr. Dan Kalish)! Discussion Topics: Adrenal fatigue / altered adrenal function: what it is and basic physiology. What is stress? Types of stressors and their impact on our system. Signs & symptoms, bigger problems if it escalates. What to do about it: lifestyle factors, diet …