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Podcast Episode #213: The Loving Diet (for autoimmunity) with Jessica Flanigan

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Topics 1. Updates from Diane [1:54] 2. Introducing our guest, Jessica Flanigan [3:18] 3. Jessica’s take on the autoimmune protocol [12:02] 4. Practical tips for balancing self love with autoimmunity [22:20] 5. Elimination diets and history of disordered eating [28:48] 6. Dealing with the anger and rebellion of “cheating” [32:42] 7. Benefiting from your illness [41:19] 8. Balancing restriction with …

Paleo recipes for autoimmunity

Paleo Recipes for Autoimmune Conditions

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Since the release of Practical Paleo, the response to the section on eating for autoimmune conditions has been overwhelming. By popular demand, I am developing a downloadable cookbook with brand new autoimmune-friendly recipes, more meal plans, and tips for following this difficult way of healing your body through food. We asked you to tell us what type of recipes you’d like to …


Podcast Episode #62: Vampire Hands, Thyroid, Binge Eating Recovery, Ex Vegan & Not Menstruating?

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Remember – If you’re enjoying these podcasts, please leave us a review in iTunes. Thanks! Opening chat: Quick thoughts about the Western A. Price Foundation Wise Traditions Conference  Topics: 1. Vampire hands [10:45] 2. Thyroid support [19:47] 3. Life long binge eating and drinking, can I recover while going through menopause? [33:10] 4. Ex raw vegan, Female MMA Fighter wants less …


Autoimmune Protocol for Paleo – we need your feedback

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Since the release of Practical Paleo, the response to the section on autoimmunity – especially the autoimmune-friendly recipes and meal plan – has been overwhelming. I’ve gotten hundreds of requests for more recipes, more meal plans, more help in general with eating in what is sometimes a very challenging way. A new resource is in the works! I’m developing a …