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Podcast Episode #208: BB Classic: Paleo 101, Part 2

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Topics: 1.  [NEW] What’s new for you from Diane & Liz [3:22] 2.  [NEW] Something new that I’m into: Hike it Baby and a new carrier [6:54] 3.  What should I eat and macros [8:22] 4. Integration of Weston A. Price principles [21:04] 5. Superfoods and budgeting [27:54] 6. Breaking the rules and cheating [37:45] 7. Lean meats and canola …

Balanced Bites Podcast

Balanced Bites Podcast: Episode #4: Heavy Cream, Fish Calming to the Mind, Healthy Fats, Coffee/Caffeine Paleo, Anorexia & Low Carb High Fat Paleo

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Diane & Liz have a discussion of fats & oils, proper oils for cooking and why, irrelevance of smoke point to a degree, rancid oils, trans-fats and Omega 3 supplementation. [6:20] Topics:  1: Heavy cream/fish calming to the mind. [30:32] 2: Incorporating more healthy fats for a picky-eater child. [32:50] 3: Coffee/Caffeine and Paleo [41:50] 4: Anorexia & Low-Carb High-Fat Paleo [55:35] Note: The …