Team: Moderators

The 21-Day Sugar Detox moderator team have been hand selected by Diane to assist you in your journey with the program. You’ll find their helpful responses and advice throughout the online membership forums, the FaceBook groups, and on the 21DSD FB page and Instagram account!

KeriKeri Brewster

Keri attended William Jewell College to study Psychology in the early 90s. She is a Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach, a C.H.E.K. Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and is currently pursuing further education in coaching and nutrition. She currently works as a Software QA Analyst for a Kansas City-based anesthesia billing software company, and hopes to transition into coaching full time sometime later in 2015. Keri has always had a passion for cooking (and eating) good food–she thinks she was one of the first people to watch Food Network 24/7! Food was comfort, celebration and nourishment all at the same time. Then in 2013, she was diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Since the time of that diagnosis, she’s gone through several gluten-free diets, all of which included processed foods and kept her on grains and dairy. Many of her symptoms, including joint pain, acid reflux, TMJ, sciatica, painful periods, constipation, stomach pain, headaches, belly bloat, weight that wouldn’t come off, anxiety, depression, mood swings, frequent sinus infections and fatigue, she attributed to aging and not to the inflammatory properties of the food she was eating. Until she read Practical Paleo, she could never wrap her head around the Paleo lifestyle; she always assumed it was another fad diet, created to make people millions of dollars while people yo-yo’d with their health. She would really like to help others find the nutrition and wellness lifestyle that works the best for them and for their bodies. Keri enjoys telling others about her experience and passing on relevant information that she hopes will assist them in their own wellness journey.


Jennifer Eidahl

Jennifer is a student at Portland State University seeking a Masters of Public Health with a minor in Psychology. She started her Paleo journey in 2011 when a personal trainer suggested The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolf. After reading the book she committed her family of five to Paleo and learned how to cook and shop economically. Her training in culinary arts, and background as a personal chef, helps in finding creative and resourceful ways to eat Paleo on a budget. Jennifer is passionate about spreading the benefits of Paleo and supporting others in making eating Paleo manageable and fun!

Katie GarcesKatie

Katie is a Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years in the medical field having worked in wide range of settings from the outpatient care to the critically ill. She has always been interested in nutrition and for years was in search of the magic “quick fix” or latest fad diet to keep weight off and yet feel healthy and well at the same time. She was introduced to Paleo through her Crossfit gym in 2011 and quickly saw successes both personally and with her family. She began mentoring others and continued to see lives changed and health evolved. With this passion realized she pursued a formal education and obtained her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification in 2014. She is committed to helping people optimize their health by healing themselves through their food and lifestyle choices via her business and blog, Green Plate Kate. For the most part, she believes we shouldn’t need to rely on popping pills to treat medical conditions (both physical and mental) or counting calories, carbs or “points” to optimize our weight. She particularly loves helping clients work on their relationship with food and mindful eating as she believes the way we THINK about food is just as important as WHAT we eat in order to reach our goals. When we start with what and how we put food in our body we can address much more than just the number on the scale and begin to realize our health potential, mind and body!

Ellen GoffinEllen

Ellen has a B.S. from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a major in psychology and an M.A. in counseling psychology from the Adler School of Professional Psychology (Chicago). She worked for nine years in the youth services department at a public library and is currently in year eight of substitute teaching in grades pre-K through 8 with a focus on children with special needs. She is married with two boys, ages 14 and 17. She has always had a mild interest in nutrition but in the fall of 2011 became more interested due to a couple of friends who introduced her to Paleo/primal eating. She started reading books and blogs and listening to podcasts on the subject and was both resistant and intrigued. In February of 2012 she did her first 21-Day Sugar Detox and was hooked. She has continued to learn more about nutrition each day. Ellen’s health mission going forward is to keep her diet as close to a Paleo/primal ideal as possible: one that is full of healthy protein, fat, and carbs and free of gluten, grains, and legumes with limited dairy. She is still on a journey of learning and experimenting. She also enjoys exercise and has been a runner for close to 25 years. About a year and a half ago she added CrossFit to her routine and found she really loves the challenge and the CrossFit community. She also enjoys cycling, yoga, hiking, and walking.

Kym HerrKymmann

PTC (prior to children), Kym was a Certified Medical Assistant and worked for a family practice clinic and a gastroenterologist. Currently, she works for the government. She recently obtained her AA, and in January of 2014, she will begin her education as a nutritional consultant at Bauman College. As long as she can remember, Kym has always been interested in health and nutrition.  Sadly though, she believed the Standard American Diet.  It wasn’t until her oldest son was diagnosed with ADHD that she began questioning what she had been raised on.  In 2010, she stumbled upon Paleo and thought it was the craziest thing she’d ever heard, but she gave it a try anyway.  Her life has never been the same! Kym is an avid athlete. She loves to run, completing 5 marathons, at least 20 half-marathons, and numerous 5/10k’s.  She also loves to cycle and swim, and she just competed in her very first triathlon.  Her next goal is a half-ironman! She is proof that you can be an endurance athlete and Paleo. Kym wants to change the world!  She wants to teach others how to take control of their health and to really believe that they can do it. She has seen first hand how life changing “going Paleo” can be and she wants to share it. 


Cassie Kanable, BS, NTP

Cassie holds a BS in mathematics/economics from Linfield College and received her education in ancestral nutrition from the Nutritional Therapy Association. She currently runs her own practice, Stumptown Nutritional Therapy, LLC in Gresham, Oregon and works as a pastry chef, serving gluten-free, real-food-based desserts at a restaurant just east of Portland, Oregon.  Cassie grew up with an abundance of processed foods, plenty of sugar, and a family history of Type 2 Diabetes.  She was introduced to a real-food-based lifestyle when she first tried CrossFit back in the spring of 2012, after struggling with her weight and counting calories for years.  She immediately dove into learning as much as possible about the Paleo/Primal lifestyle starting with the Balanced Bites Podcast.  She participated in her first 21-Day Sugar Detox in February of 2012 and enjoyed fabulous results including a reduction in persistent acne, better sleep, and improved body composition – in fact, she loved it so much that she stuck with it for a total of 90 days! Through her own personal success with a real food lifestyle, Cassie began mentoring friends, family, and fellow athletes.  In October of 2012, Cassie lost her father to complications of Type 2 Diabetes at the age of 58.  Her father’s death catapulted her into pursuing a formal education in nutrition and, to this day, serves as a motivation to help others regain their health and reverse modern disease perpetuated by our Standard American Diet.  Cassie specializes in holistic nutrition consulting as it pertains to fat loss, fueling for athletes, and digestive wellness – seeing clients both locally and remotely. Cassie loves to teach real food seminars and cooking classes at local CrossFit gyms and natural grocery stores. When she’s not working, listening to Podcasts, reading, cooking, or “Instagramming” her every meal @stumptownnutrition, she enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with her husband and their chocolate lab Paisley.

Michal Ofemichal

Michal has always had a love for food, cooking and all things nutrition related. She grew up in South Africa where she studied biological sciences and got her degree in Optometry with a minor in holistic nutrition. After some travelling, disguised as learning overseas, Michal immigrated to Canada where she worked in business development and team building. A less than positive experience with the current acute care medical system and ‘Standard American (Canadian) Diet’ whilst trying to overcome a chronic health issue, led Michal on a path to discovering that food truly is our best medicine and that all healing begins in the gut. Once recovered, Michal wanted to help others reach their optimal level of health, wellness and vitality that a real food approach to diet gives. She is now a certified life coach, a graduate of IIN and enrolled in the FDN program (hoping to be completed by the end of 2014). She is a nutritional consultant working with individuals looking to improve their general well-being, with a special emphasis on naturally and holistically healing the damage that disordered eating creates in the entire digestive system.. When not counselling others or trying to keep up to date with the online world, Michal is an amateur cook, testing her newest food creations on brave volunteers. She is enthusiastic about sharing and gaining knowledge with and from like-minded individuals and is excited to be a part of the BB team

Lindsay-Mod-CircleLindsey Tom-Kimber

Lindsey, a certified Personal Trainer and Health & Wellness/Sports Nutrition Consultant, has seen firsthand the positive changes that the 21Day Sugar Detox and adherence to a Paleo diet can make. Growing up she struggled with a variety of health problems including digestive issues, acne, and low energy. No amount of doctor’s visits or prescriptions helped. In 2010 she began to discover the connection between her diet of processed and unhealthy foods and her health conditions. When she did her first 21 DSD she realized the power that sugar, artificial sweeteners, and chemicals can have over a person. After that there was no turning back. Through research and self-exploration she transitioned to a paleo/primal/real food diet and has seen remarkable improvements in her health. A true believer in the power of fueling your body with whole, unprocessed foods she loves to share what she has learned with others to help them on their journeys. In her free time Lindsey enjoys baking, Crossfit, hiking, camping, and traveling with her husband.

Shannon LShannon_300arkin

Shannon is a part-time certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. She works full time as a Sales Manager for Crate & Barrel. She began her Paleo lifestyle while doing research on a ketogenic diet in Fall 2010 and took control of her life and health. She knew there had to be a better way to eat and eat real food. Shannon found Balanced Bites and the 21-Day Sugar Detox in 2011 and did her first detox in January 2012.  The detox was so simple to follow and she never felt like she was on a detox. Her skin cleared up, she slept better and she was in control of her cravings.  She feels the 21-Day Sugar Detox can help so many, and she looks forward to helping people reach their health potential. 

Paul LussierPaul L

Paul has a BA in math/computer science, neither of which has gotten much use in his 19-year career as a UNIX/Linux System and Network Administrator.  He is currently employed at a small high-tech start-up outside of Boston as their Principal Systems Architect and Automation Engineer where he constantly attempts to automate himself out of a job. Paul has always had a passing interest in health and nutrition but it became significantly more focused after his introduction to Crossfit and reading Robb Wolf’s book.  It was about this same time which he dragged his wife to Diane’s second-ever Balanced Bites Nutrition Seminar and it’s been full-steam ahead ever since.  He has no current plans going forward other than just learning and teaching others what he knows as best he can, which is the mission his partner, Paul Adair, and he have for their blog/Facebook page, The Thoughtful Cave Dad. Someday he may pursue something more formal, but for now he’s quite busy with family, work, and listening to as many Paleo/Health-related podcasts as possible.  When he’s not working, listening, reading, or blogging, he loves to spend time with his wife, his daughters and his 10 chickens. 

TonjaTonja Pizzo

Tonja was born into a military family, so she began traveling the world at an early age. She spent her formative years in Europe where she developed a thirst for travel and a diverse palate. In the early 90’s, she studied Photography at the University of New Mexico which eventually led to hanging out of very small airplanes to take pictures as an aerial photographer. She then set her feet firmly on the ground and entered the world of corporate advertising. In 2004, her husband and she were blessed with a son and a year later a daughter. In 2009, Tonja’s life was changed forever with the loss of her mother to cancer. Never a healthy role model, her mother’s death brought her to a cross-roads in her life. She was unhappy with her health, her weight, and her lifestyle, and she vowed NOT to walk down the same unhealthy path as her mother. A friend pointed her toward a book from a well known Paleo author, and she quickly realized that the sugar, carbohydrates and factory foods she was feeding her family were killing them–one bite at a time. She committed to cleaning out her pantry which was a turning point for both her and her family. Around that same time, her son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Given the medical advice to medicate her son, she turned to food as his medicine. She has found that by sticking to a Paleo template, his focus improved and his emotional state is much more stable with fewer meltdowns and quicker recovery. She currently homeschools her children and focuses on making healthy choices in all aspects of life. Her family willingly shares their knowledge on any subject with anyone who asks, and are currently working on a website to chronicle their Homeschool-Paleo adventures.