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The next 21-Day Sugar Detox begins on April 2, and some exciting news!

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Hey everyone!

Just a quick reminder that the next 21-Day Sugar Detox group is kicking off on Monday, April 2! If you’ve been on the fence and considering jumping on-board, check it out and get started on Monday. Or, grab your guides and read through them to get prepared for the next round that will begin in May.

And, some exciting news…

There are now THREE recipe websites with dedicated categories set aside to helping you success while on The 21-Day Sugar Detox! Check them out for free, 21DSD-friendly recipes!

Since it’s inception in April of 2009, The 21-Day Sugar Detox, has helped thousands of people bust their sugar and carb cravings, increase energy, improve sleep quality and lose weight. The program is designed in three Levels, introducing Level 1 participants to a life without refined foods, but not excluding all grain, legume and dairy products. Level 2 goes on to exclude grain and legume products while Level 3 is a strict Paleo diet with additional modifications specific to The 21-Day Sugar Detox‘s goals for participants in breaking their sugar and carb addictions.

What does it mean when recipes are “21DSD-friendly”?

Recipes that are acceptable for Levels 1, 2 and 3 of The 21-Day Sugar Detox are featured on these websites in separate categories to help you find them easily.

All 21DSD-friendly recipes will contain real whole foods and exclude most starches and all forms of sugar and sweeteners. Athletes and pregnant or nursing mothers should see the special modifications in the manual to guide their detox processes as they vary slightly from the standard approach.

All 21DSD-friendly recipes featured on external websites and not included in the guides themselves are reviewed by the Balanced Bites/21DSD team on a regular basis, so you can be sure your  choices are in line with the 21DSD program.

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Here are some of the things people are saying about their experiences with The 21-Day Sugar Detox:

(Remember,  the primary goal of The 21-Day Sugar Detox is NOT weight loss, but many people DO experience that benefit.)

“Stoked to see the incredible drop in my insulin use (Type 1 diabetic) and to find that I don’t feel like I’m starving all day like the first day. My mood is much improved which was definitely an unanticipated change. As my husband predicted, though, my coffee consumption has increased (from a cup every 2-3 days to one cup every day); I’m still stuck on having a “treat” and that seems to be my go-to. So glad I took the plunge. Thanks for the great work you do, Diane!”
– Kate M.

“Background: Feb 6-27 Level 1 Sugar Detox. Feb 28-Mar 4 Primal Eating. Mar 5-current (day 4) Level 2 Sugar Detox. Success: I got my period today and my pre-menstrual symptoms were definitely improved. They include greatly decreased sugar/carb cravings (90% decrease I’d say), much less breast soreness in the week prior (instead of one week of pain and discomfort I only had 3 days of it), no “day before” headache (I get this headache 80% of the time the day before my period hits) and less cramping (I had mild cramps for a few days before instead of a whole week and today have moderate cramps instead of bad ones). I am hoping the cramps go away earlier, too. Usually they last 3-4 days into my period. I have a feeling tomorrow they will be gone already. Woo hoo!”
– Ellen G.

“Had to share that my husband has had border line high triglycerides for 5 years. His number was 168 after doing the sugar detox it went to 65. That is amazing. And his cholesterol went down 43 points. Awesome results. Now to stay Paleo and to stay healthy.”
– Tedra K.

“I weighed and measured today to close January’s The 21-Day Sugar Detox. I realize the detox isn’t meant for weight loss but my results were good, down 6.5lbs and 6.5 inches overall. This detox has opened my eyes showing me how much I rely on wine and sugar when the stress gets high. Also, the challenge has confirmed yet again how much I love the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. Food tastes so good. I don’t want to lose that! Sometimes I just need these little nudges for it to sink in. I was going to enjoy a glass of wine but I have decided that I just don’t want to right now. I am going to continue eating as low sugar as I can and no alcohol. I did fry up some plantains today in coconut oil, holy sweetness. It was like candy, so crazy! Probably won’t be doing that again for awhile!”
– Robin’s World of Paleo/Primal Living

“Very excited by outcome of the 21 Day Sugar Detox..down 11.5 pounds from day 1. Now I look forward to continuing with this eating to maintain how good I feel! :)”
– Karen F.

“Finished the detox yesterday. My 14 yr old son did this with me. He lost 16 lbs and I lost 8. We have broken some bad snacking habits. The big win for me was when my son told me he had tried to drink lemonade at a church event and it was too sweet so he threw it out and got water. Yeah!”
– Lisa R.

“I feel like I’m really in control of my food choices now. I’ve done LC, Paleo, elimination diet, etc. but this is the first time that I’ve given up EVERYTHING with sweeteners—I’d never given up chewing gum before, and I can see what a difference it makes to get that stuff completely out of my system. I’m pretty limited with exercise due to injury/chronic pain, but even without regular and/or intense exercise, I lost 16.2 pounds and 24.5 inches doing the level 1 detox. I might do the level 2 detox in February…I plan on eating like this most of the time. Basically I want to keep this going indefinitely – thanks Diane, for this AWESOME detox!”
– Julie C.

“It made me aware of how often I used to snack on things like crackers, cookies and bread. Now I’m snacking on healthier options like carrots and nuts and I’ve learned they keep me full longer! Plus I lost 7.5 lbs and I had a horrible cold right in the middle so I wasn’t able to exercise for the second half and I still lost weight.”
– Diana C.

“I feel great! Before starting the detox I was already grain free and dairy free so the only thing I really missed was fruit. But I have lost 20lbs!!! 20lbs that I needed to lose! I really don’t plan to go back on sugar except for the occasional thing and then it will most likely be as natural as possible. I’m also thinking of going on to the 2nd stage detox on Feb 1st.”
– Tabitha H.


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