What the heck can I do with coconut butter?!

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Coconut butter (sometimes called Coconut Cream Concentrate) is a great snack to reach for when you want something sweet to eat or just for an energy boost. It’s a good source of lauric acid which, according to Mary Enig and Sally Fallon on page 48 of their book “Eat Fat, Lose Fat,” is “a proven antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal agent that’s also found in mother’s milk. Converted in your body to a substance called monolaurin, it helps you defent against viruses, bacteria and other pathogens and strengthens your immune system, protecting you from a wide range of diseases.” Lauric acid is only found in very few food sources: butterfat (in small amounts) and coconut and palm kernel oil.

Enig and Fallon further detail which types of diseases coconut is an immune booster against including:

  • viruses, such as the herpes virus, meases virus and HIV;
  • bacteria, such as listeria (which causes food poisoning), staphylococcus, and streptococcus;
  • protozoa (parasites), such as giardia lamblia (which causes gastroenteritis)¬†(“Eat Fat, Lose Fat” page 48)

“Oh, Diane! I don’t care about all that nutritional nonsense, I just want to eat this stuff because it tastes good! So what can I DO with it?!”

Okay, cool. Well, as a Nutrition Educator, it’s sorta my job to share these juicy nuggets of information with you. But a lesson on the benefits of lauric acid isn’t the point of this post. I’m going to give you a bunch of ideas here as to what the heck you can do with Coconut Butter – also known as Coconut Cream Concentrate if you order from Tropical Traditions. Either way, they’re the same thing and they’re amazingly tasty. Both come in a glass jar and will have the coconut oil on the top, separated much the way you buy almond butter. All you need to do is submerge the glass jar in some simmering water for a few minutes to soften it, and then stir it well to combine it. It should remain homogenized at room temperature (you don’t refrigerate this stuff) once you do that, but if it separates again, just repeat the process. You can also do as I do and leave it near the back of your stove when you cook and it’ll warm up enough to mix that way too.
Things you can do with coconut butter (or coconut cream concentrate):
  • Spoon coconut butter straight from the jar and eat it. Yes, really.
  • Blend it 50/50 with raw organic nut butter and use it as you would nut butter, or refer to #1.
  • Spoon it over baked sweet potato or roasted winter squash
  • Mix it into a curry or similar dish with some water in place of coconut milk
  • Combine it with cacao powder, coconut oil and a tiny bit of honey to make a candy-treat
  • Use a tablespoon or two in a smoothie for added thickness and some healthy fat
  • Toss some shrimp or chicken in a spoonful of it with coconut oil and hot sauce for a buffalo-style sauce
  • Drizzle it softened over berries in a bowl for an amazing dessert
  • Blend up a non-dairy coffee creamer (with cocoa or without)
  • Anything you’d do with either chocolate sauce or nut butter- substitute in coconut butter
What else do you like to do with coconut butter?


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