Strength training, my current program

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Ohmygosh. I can’t believe the flood gate that I’ve opened by sharing video clips of some of my strength training workouts lately. I think the question about my current strength training program has quickly become the #1 thing you all are asking for, so I finally sat down to write this out. Please know this: the point of this post is …

Balanced Bites Podcast | Diane Sanfilippo & Liz Wolfe

Podcast Episode #280: Muscle Building with Jen Sinkler and Kourtney Thomas

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Topics  1. News and updates from Diane [1:30] 2. Introducing our guests; Jen Sinkler and Kourtney Thomas [3:56] 3. Something I’m digging: self care [9:56] 4. Strength training and women [19:53] 5. Myths of cardiovascular training [24:32] 6. Differences in strength versus cardio training [31:30] 7. Training for aesthetics [40:32] 8. Hypertrophy training [49:41] 9. What hypertrophy training looks like …

Adjust your way to new PRs… and a big giveaway!

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Let me paint a picture of you. You eat Paleo, you’re a CrossFit athlete and life is good. Actually, it’s great! You’ve discovered a way of living that feels so right. You are feeding your genetic blueprint with the raw materials required for outrageous health. You tell everyone you know because you are altruistic and this stuff really works! But… …