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Podcast Episode #279: Grocery Shopping Tips with Cassy Joy

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Topics 1. News and updates from Diane & Cassy [1:43] 2. Something new that I’m digging: new water bottle [8:32] 3. Shout out: Noelle Tarr’s new Strong from Home program [10:38] 4. Must-have grocery shopping staples [13:19] 5. Grocery list writing tip [19:42] 6. Budget-minded shopping [21:03] 7. Shopping multiple stores [26:18] 8. Getting variety in your shopping [31:12] 9. …

Balanced Bites | Diane Sanfilippo | FAQ | How Can I Eat Paleo on a Budget?

FAQs: How can I eat Paleo on a budget?

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I’ve covered this topic once already in my Priorities for Eating Paleo on a Budget post. And Robb Wolf has a post on his site about it. And I’ve covered this in my book Practical Paleo, in a bit more detail, but it seems we can never share enough information and tips for making eating real, whole foods easier for as …

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My Top 6 Picks for Fast & Cheap Eats in San Francisco

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A slaw burger with bacon, sans bun from Prather Ranch Grill. 1. Prather Ranch Meat Company Grill Location: The Ferry Building (Pier 1/ The Embarcadero) Grill is open Tuedays & Saturdays, outside at The Ferry Building Farmers Market, the butcher shop is open daily Website Why eat here? Prather Ranch meats are pasture raised and certified organic. The people who work …

How Does Your Fridge Stack Up?

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After recently viewing a video posted on You Tube by Erin Huggins, I decided to show you what’s in my fridge after a recent trip to the grocery store. I love getting my week started knowing that I’m well prepared to fuel myself with delicious and wholesome foods. Let’s take stock of what I have in there! I’ll go through …