Guess the Non-Food #3: Play the Game!

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Play the game!Below is a list of ingredients from a fairly commonly consumed “Non-Food.” (Meaning it’s eaten by many people, but I don’t consider it food.) I’d love to see your guesses in Comment posts, but if you want to just play the game to yourself that’s okay too.Try to guess the Non-Food!Don’t cheat by doing a search for the …

Are You a “Non-Food” Eater?

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A few of you have asked me to clarify what I meant by calling foods “non-foods” in my last posting. Here are some requirements to consider before calling something a food. It looks like it does when it’s picked/harvested or pronounced dead in it’s original form. OR if I can make it in my own kitchen from it’s original form …

Interesting Article: Are you Over Soyed?

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I’ve been reading through a lot of information on as I am training for the San Francisco Marathon to run a 1/2– and as you all know, I’m always up for reading about and experimenting with balancing my dietary choices. Here’s an interesting article about soy. Enjoy!Click here for the “Are You Over Soyed” article.