Braised Lamb Shanks| Balanced Bites

Easy Recipe: Crockpot Braised Lamb Shanks (Osso Buco) with Tomato Sauce

Diane Sanfilippo 21DSD, Beef, Pork, & Lamb, Slow Cooker 12 Comments

I owe the motivation to make this recipe to my good friend Caitlin Weeks of She is always telling me how awesome it is to throw frozen meat into the crock pot at night and wake up to amazing food in the morning. She’s right. I’m just the kind of person who gets tired of certain flavors all the …

Skirt Steak Tacos| Balanced Bites

Dinner Into Breakfast: Skirt Steak Tacos, Steak & Eggs

Diane Sanfilippo 21DSD, Beef, Pork, & Lamb, Breakfast 8 Comments

After sitting down to breakfast this morning I realized that I had just done something I do quite often but that I think a lot of people forget is a fantastic possibility… turn dinner leftovers into a “fancy” breakfast. Last night, on my way home from the gym, I picked up some grass-fed skirt steak at my local Real Foods …

sausage frittata

Easy Recipe: Sausage & Onion Frittata

Diane Sanfilippo 21DSD, Beef, Pork, & Lamb, Breakfast 1 Comment

A cast iron skillet makes frittata-making easy! Very often when I dine out, the portion sizes are HUGE. I’m guessing this happens to most of you as well. It’s pretty easy to see that people have come to expect LARGE portions for a small amount of money since that’s how we tend to operate in this country: more/bigger = better, …

Stuffed Peppers| Balanced Bites

Easy Recipe: Italian Style Stuffed Peppers

Diane Sanfilippo 21DSD, Beef, Pork, & Lamb 27 Comments

Back when Balanced Bites was an organic meal delivery business, stuffed peppers were among the favorite dishes ordered by my clients. At that point in time, I was mixing a few different ingredients into them but I keep it pretty simple when I’m cooking at home for myself. The inspiration and motivation to make stuffed peppers came about when I …

Easy Recipe: Super Simple Supper – Kabobs

Diane Sanfilippo 21DSD, Beef, Pork, & Lamb 2 Comments

I wish I had an outdoor grill, I really do. I would be outside grilling pretty often if I did, but that doesn’t stop me and my tiny studio apartment from turning out some yummy grilled food off of a cast iron grill pan. A little cross-ventilation goes a long way if you need to do the indoor grilling thing, …