Skirt Steak Tacos| Balanced Bites

Dinner Into Breakfast: Skirt Steak Tacos, Steak & Eggs

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After sitting down to breakfast this morning I realized that I had just done something I do quite often but that I think a lot of people forget is a fantastic possibility… turn dinner leftovers into a “fancy” breakfast. Last night, on my way home from the gym, I picked up some grass-fed skirt steak at my local Real Foods …

Grain-Free Zucchini Pancakes Recipe (Paleo and 21DSD) | Diane Sanfilippo

Easy Recipe: Grain-Free Zucchini Pancakes

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I recently made sweet potato pancakes and they were fantastic, so I decided to work on mastering a zucchini pancake option for those who can’t or don’t choose to eat sweet potatoes. I think you’re going to like this one, it’s quite simple and really satisfying. I think they’re great with a side of sausage or bacon… Enjoy! This recipe …

Sweet Potato Pancakes from "Practical Paleo" | Diane Sanfilippo #Paleo #21DSD

Easy Recipe: Sweet Potato Pancakes

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Update: 5/16/2015 These pancakes make a perfect, Paleo-friendly hamburger bun (as pictured below) and are featured in Practical Paleo under the Beef & Bison section along with the Fiery JalapeƱo Burger. The sweetness of these pancakes is a wonderful complement to the heat of the burgers. Try them as a Paleo bun swap next time you’re cooking up burgers! Original …

sausage frittata

Easy Recipe: Sausage & Onion Frittata

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A cast iron skillet makes frittata-making easy! Very often when I dine out, the portion sizes are HUGE. I’m guessing this happens to most of you as well. It’s pretty easy to see that people have come to expect LARGE portions for a small amount of money since that’s how we tend to operate in this country: more/bigger = better, …

Kashi Cereal vs The Incredible, Edible Egg: REALLY?!

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I nearly fell over when I saw the latest Kashi commercial touting it’s cereal as having as much protein as an egg. Oh man, they’ve sunk to a new low if they think that their cereal can hold a candle to a whole food from nature. I have to re-paint this nutritional picture for you in an appropriate manner before …

We’ve Been Fed a Pyramid Built of Processed Food Bricks

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Take just a moment to THINK about this question: If “Food A” has gone through a factory and been processed from what it once was in nature into something else entirely… And “Food B” is identical to what it was in nature (with the exception of maybe that now it’s a dead plant or animal) WHICH FOOD WILL ALWAYS BE …