Clearing up Cholesterol Confusion | Diane Sanfilippo

Cholesterol Confusion, Clearing it Up

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Disclaimer: the information within this blog post and video are not to be considered a substitution for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  As a certified Nutrition Consultant, I studied holistic nutrition. This simply means I learned how to support the body naturally through nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle changes. I have given advice to folks (most importantly and recently my own …

Favorite Beautycounter Products | Diane Sanfilippo

My Favorite Products from Beautycounter

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This past year has brought about a change… in my beauty routine! I have fallen in love with so many products from the company, Beautycounter. Not only because they make high-performing makeup and skincare products, but they are a company that cares about the safety and integrity of what you put on your skin. Their products go through a rigorous …


Tips to Handle Holiday Stress

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The 2016 holiday season is upon us! And while we may hear songs of it being the “most wonderful time of the year,” for some, this isn’t the case! Anxiety about food choices or getting caught in a dreaded political debate… yikes! But it doesn’t have to cause stress if you have a plan in place. Here are some of …


Liz and I Talk Stress

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Check this out! Liz and I were together, in-person on a Facebook LIVE answering your questions! We kept our focus on stress. Here are some cliff notes to our answers in the video. Q: What tests should I ask my practitioner for, if I’m so stressed out I skipped my period? Most medical doctors are not going to run blood work just …

5 Principles Everyone with an Autoimmune Condition Should Consider | Diane Sanfilippo

5 Principles Everyone with an Autoimmune Condition Should Consider

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I have worked with countless clients diagnosed with a variety of autoimmune conditions, whether it be a 1-1 consultation or in groups, and I’ve gathered a lot of information about dealing with an autoimmune diagnosis. What I share can be applied to any autoimmune condition because the root of an autoimmune condition is the body attacking itself. The following are overarching principles …

Sugar & Carbs Confusion | Diane Sanfilippo

Sugar & Carb Confusion

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=”allowfullscreen”> How can I bust sugar cravings? How many carbs should I eat? I get these questions all the time, so I figured I’d sit down to have a little chat with you all (ahem, that’s the video above, which you should watch!) about these topics. Sugar and carbohydrates are always a hot topic! Many folks tell me “I don’t …

Nutrition Challenges | Diane Sanfilippo

Nutrition Challenges

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Nutrition challenges, like my 21-Day Sugar Detox program or a 30-day meal plan from Practical Paleo, are super popular… but they aren’t the magic answer for everyone! In fact, there are folks that should definitely avoid nutrition challenges. In this post, I’ll cover who a nutrition challenge is good for, who should avoid nutrition challenges, and when enough is enough! …

Acid Reflux | Diane Sanfilippo

Acid Reflux: What’s Really Causing the Burn

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The #1 misconception about acid reflux? We have it because we have too much stomach acid. This is FALSE! The actual cause of acid reflux is too little stomach acid! Let me explain… In the stomach, chewed food is broken down even further by stomach acid (also known as hydrochloric acid, HCl, as well as digestive enzymes including pepsin). We do not …

Best Workouts for When You're Stressed | Diane Sanfilippo

Workouts to Do When You Are Stressed

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While exercise is typically a positive stressor, if you are under chronic stress all day long, working out the wrong way can actually be more harmful and cause injury. It’s important to remember that something you may have always done and been okay with may not be the thing you are okay with right now when it comes to exercise, …

On the Go Snacks | Diane Sanfilippo

On-The-Go Paleo Snack Options

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In this short clip from a recent Facebook Live Q&A session, I talked about some of my favorite snack options for when you’re on-the-go. When it comes to Paleo snacks, you have to get out of this mindset that things will look the same as the overly processed products you may have eaten previously. While there are some companies that …