Grain-Free BBQ Chicken Pizzas with Balanced Bites Spices COFFEE BBQ blend & Siete Tortillas

BBQ Chicken Pizza with Crispy Thin Crust

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I’ve been on a little “what else can I do with Siete Family Foods grain free tortillas?” kick. If you follow me on Instagram, and especially if you watch my IG stories, you’ve probably noticed this. Full disclosure: Siete sponsors my husband’s podcast and we’ve been friends with the family who runs the company (the Garzas) since maybe 2011 when …

Sushi Cakes | Diane Sanfilippo and Jenn Castaneda from Paleo Foodie Kitchen

Sushi Pizza & Sushi Cake

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If you’re following me on Snapchat or Facebook, you’ll know that my friend Jenny Castenada, of Paleo Foodie Kitchen, was in town visiting a couple of weekends ago. Annnnnnd if you’re tuned in to my Facebook Videos, you’ll also know that we made a sushi cake live for all of you! Well, the next day we decided to go crazy …