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  1. Noice Diane. I've been on a low-sugar diet for many years now. I once went 6-months without any sugar at all. Good stuff. But the key is only avoiding sugar when you don't want it. The key to not wanting it is eating the hell out of some food 🙂 I don't think a single person in my cirle has failed to notice a drop in sugar cravings following some of my ideas.

  2. I'd really like to know just how many people are going to do this. It's important to me that there are many others doing it alongside me and that there will be daily discussions about this detox that I can read and be a part of.
    Is this what I can expect?

  3. Hi Tracy-

    It's hard to say how many people will end up as the final number. Most of them are with us over on so once May 1st rolls around, and even before that, I'll have a discussion room there for anyone who wants to talk about it. I will also be active on that discussion daily.

    Are there more ?s I can answer for you?


  4. Tracy- we have about 30 people ready to go for tomorrow if you want to join us! You can also get the download and start even a few days late or whenever. There will always be a group on the Facebook fan page to support you!

  5. How do I know if I am going through Sugar withdrawls? I feel the more I cut the sugar, the more my energy kind of drops and it feels like I have low blood sugar in the sense that as soon as I eat something, snack, what have you, suddenly I perk back up. But before I really cut the excess carbs and sugar my energy was much more even albeit not real energy.

    PS. What do I do to replace gatorade? I don't have a real sweet tooth, but I do enjoy me some gatorade

  6. @John- Typically for the first week of cutting sugar or cutting down on a high-carb diet, your energy will FEEL low. This is normal but it's a BIG sign that you're so dependent on the sugar for energy that it's even more critical for someone that feels that way to get off of that sugar roller coaster.

    Are you sleeping well? In a dark room? 8-9hrs per night? What about caffeine intake?

    As you said, it was likely not "real" energy and possibly a constant stream of excess cortisol making you feel energetic, which, in not too much time, will burn out and leave you even more fatigued in the long-term. It's all pretty complicated but also simple as well. Sugar is never healthy, even if it "feels better" in the short term.

    Replace gatorade with coconut water or squeeze orange/lemon into water for flavor and drop some glutamine in there as well- 2g or so per 16oz is good.

    If you want more help 1:1 with the sugar issues, I'm always available for coaching.

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