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  1. I make something similar to a Larabar at home! Anyway, I saw you had a problem with the gluten-free coconut & almond flour banana bread sticking to the bottom. Instead of adding oil, try using just your plain, grated coconut on the bottom of the pan. It shouldn't stick and it won't hurt to have the extra coconut on the bottom, either. 🙂

  2. @Morgaine – OOOH! That's a GREAT tip about the bread! Thanks!

    I have made my own bars at home as well, and I love how they come out. I love having LARABARS to rely on when I am on the go or traveling and need a snack I can rely on.

  3. Honest to God, if I could crush and snort LaraBars I would! My favorite meal was PB&J pre-Celiac and with the bars, I don't even miss them! Very good stuff!

  4. Oh my goodness! Ambassador sounds so ritzy and wonderful, too! I can't wait to try a sample… way to go, Diane!

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