Smoky Coffee BBQ Spice Rub | Diane Sanfilippo


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  1. I am so excited you did this! I was going to do the same thing but alas, my TJ’s has been out of the rub for weeks! I figured I could go frugal and organic for less by doing a copycat version. Thanks so much! I have really been enjoying your chicken salsa verde too. Is that recipe online anywhere. My scribbled recipe on scrap paper is looking mighty rough.

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  3. Hey Diane! This sounds so yummy! I am working on a BBQ round-up for my blog and would love to link back to this with a photo!! You can check out my other round-ups to see my style if you’d like. I think my readers will love this!

  4. Silly question…but if I omitted the coffee (I can’t even tolerate decaf :() would this still make a good rub or is the coffee a crucial ingredient?

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      Hey Heather – I actually made up a BBQ sauce using this rub a few months ago but (oops!) I didn’t write it down. I’ll aim to get that done to share it soon since it’s grilling season!! 🙂 So glad you loved it! You can also buy it pre-made now with the entire line of organic spices I created at

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