Diane Direct | Cold Brew Coffee

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  1. This sounds so yummy. I am currently drinking hot coffee with the So Delicious Coconut milk! I have two questions:
    1. Can you mix collagen into Chameleon cold brew?
    2. Is your “Hangry Monster sippy-cup” for sale somewhere?

    Looking forward to next week’s keto and carbs video!

  2. Love love love Chameleon! And I live in Austin, so never trouble finding it anywhere. I use about 3-4 oz of the concentrate green label, add some water and ice like you, then top with coconut cream/almond milk combo. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle some cinnamon in too. Best way to start the day!

  3. Chameleon cold brew is very tasty– I get the black. I use coconut nectar as my sweetener and homemade almond/cashew milk. I might try that lite culinary coconut milk.

  4. Thanks for linking the products. All coconut milk is not created equally. When your first transitioning buying so delicious coconut milk beverage is not the same as using dairy creamer and can be a big turn off. Once I figured out using full fat coconut milk was the trick I haven’t looked back. Nice they have a lite version but for this particular brand you have to get the culinary version. Many grocery stores don’t carry this particular product.

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  5. Coffee is just so damn delicious! I love the Chameleon Coldbrew but need to stick to decaf so have been playing around with different ways to make that. Thanks for sharing!

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