Healthy Fruit Slushy | Diane Sanfilippo


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  1. Thanks for sharing Dianne,
    The Peach-Lemon-Blueberry Slushy recipe looks so yummy, I want that slushy right now 🙂 These delicious healthy fruit slush recipe are a great substitute for juice and water during summer.
    I will add these to my collections of healthy smoothie recipes.
    These drinks are useful to our health aside from being fresh it boost our energy after we drink it.

  2. My 7 year old grandson: “that slushy looks good! My Nana and I just made one and because we didn’t add water, it was very hard for the blender to mix it 😮, so thanks for this recipe!😊”

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  3. Any suggestions on what to hide instead of maple syrup? If we’re trying to avoid sugar? Would bananas or dates work?

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