Super Easy Paleo Chili Recipe - Instant Pot & Slow Cooker - Diane Sanfilippo


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  1. I have the first edition of PP and don’t have the second edition. I want to make this chili, tomorrow. Any clues on the spice blends?

    1. These recipes are in the 2nd edition, along with 50 other brand new recipes – which is available everywhere books are sold, online, and currently at all US Costco stores. You are welcome to grab a copy to make them or buy them premade at as linked in the post!

  2. How long can I leave in the instant pot after cooking. Let’s say I make it in the morning to serve later that afternoon. Can I just leave it in there on warm? Or would that change the consistency? How would you reheat this? Thanks!

    1. I think you could leave it in there on warm, but I haven’t done it. If you don’t open it, it shouldn’t lose any liquid so it should stay just fine though I don’t know how long the IP will go for on the warm setting – if you need to set a time or if it just goes indefinitely. Reheat it the same way you would any soup or chili 🙂

  3. If using the slow-cooker option, do you cook the bacon, onion, peppers, and garlic in a pan and then combine with the rest of the ingredients in the slow cooker? -Thanks!

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